Does Super Blue prevent rust?

Super blue doesn’t have very good rust resistance at all. It’s a carbon steel so there’s little to no protection against corrosion.

What is rust bluing solution?

What is Rust Bluing? Rust bluing for barrels and magazine tubes is a process that only a few master gunsmiths practice. Coating the clean parts with a rust bluing solution, allowing it to rust, and boiling it in clean water converts the rust from ferrous oxide to ferric oxide.

How long does Super Blue Last?

We expect visitors to spend approximately 90 minutes at Superblue Miami, but this can vary for each visitor and may be longer if you choose to visit our Gift Shop.

Is cold bluing any good?

Cold blue (and Oxpho is probably the best) works pretty well on small items, like screwheads, or small isolated areas on a firearm where direct comparison to factory blue isn’t apparent. Beyond those applications, it works reasonably well on matte blue guns for spot touch-up.

Does bluing weaken steel?

Bluing only works on steel, cast iron, or stainless steel parts for protecting against corrosion because it changes iron into Fe3O4; it does not work on non-ferrous material. Aluminium and polymer parts cannot be blued, and no corrosion protection is provided.

Is hot bluing better than cold bluing?

Although a very slow process, cold rust bluing produces a deep blue color generally considered to be the most durable kind of bluing. By contrast, hot-water bluing processes can produce a deep blue finish in just a couple of hours, rather than several days.

How is rust bluing done?

Essentially, rust bluing uses an acid solution to rust the steel in a controlled environment. Boiling the rust converts the red oxide to black oxide which constitutes the metal finish. The excess rust is removed and the process is repeated until the desired finish is required.

What is super blue used for?

A double-strength blueing solution designed for blueing highly polished steel parts and hardened steels containing nickel and chrome alloys (except stainless). Super Blue Extra Strength Gun Blue is the blackest blue.

What is super blue used for in pools?

water clarifier
Super Blue is a powerful water clarifier which produces and maintains crystal clear pool water without affecting pH balance or other chemicals. Its thick, highly concentrated formulation is designed to clear cloudy water FAST!

Does Rebluing a gun decrease value?

Rebluing only decreases the value. Rebluing a $500 gun, if you try to sell it, you’d likely still get $500 out of it, if not less. You would not make your money back.

Does bluing work on cast iron?

Does oil quenching prevent rust?

As H2O is unable to penetrate the metal, the rusting process doesn’t start. As well as tangible water, oil also repels the water that’s present in oxygen. This means that even when metal objects aren’t coming into direct contact with water, a slick of oil can still work wonders when it comes to preventing rust.

What’s the difference between hot bluing and rust bluing?

Either of these two methods are called hot bluing. There are many other methods of hot bluing. Hot bluing is the current standard in gun bluing, as both it and rust bluing provide the most permanent degree of rust-resistance and cosmetic protection of exposed gun metal. Rust bluing was developed between hot and cold bluing processes.

Is the quick rust bluing back in black?

Quick rust bluing— Back in black! The black finish left by the Birchwood-Casey Super-blue just wasn’t doing it for me this day. The photo misleads, making them look a bit better than in real life. Cameras usually work the opposite, right? The product is just fine, very fast, easy to apply, etc, but the result is not particularly durable.

Is there a way to prevent rust bluing?

Rust resistant, too. Rust bluing. Red iron oxide (Rust, bad!), can be converted into black iron oxide (Magnetite, I believe), which will prevent future formation of the bad red rust. The process is very simple, but, I’m warning you now…..

What causes red rust to turn to black?

Rust bluing. Red iron oxide (Rust, bad!), can be converted into black iron oxide (Magnetite, I believe), which will prevent future formation of the bad red rust. The process is very simple, but, I’m warning you now….. It looks scary, and feels oh so wrong! First the scary part.