Does Texas have medically needy Medicaid?

Texas Medicaid does have a “medically needy” program, but it does not apply to seniors seeking coverage for long-term care. However, they may use a Miller Trust (also known as a Qualifying Trust Income) to qualify for Medicaid benefits, regardless of their income and assets.

What is medically needy program Texas?

Also known as the medical assistance program. (11) Medically Needy (MN) Program–A program HHSC administers that provides Medicaid benefits to pregnant women and children whose income is too high to qualify for other Medicaid programs and who have high medical expenses.

Is Medically Needy the same as Medicaid?

Medically Needy is a Medicaid program that can help pay for Medicaid-covered services. Individuals enrolled in the Medically Needy Program have income or assets that exceed the limits for regular Medicaid.

What is the maximum income to qualify for Texas Medicaid?

Who is eligible for Texas Medicaid?

Household Size* Maximum Income Level (Per Year)
1 $25,503
2 $34,492
3 $43,481
4 $52,470

Do you have to pay back Medicaid in Texas?

There are exceptions and, in some cases, the State may not ask for anything to be paid back. In all cases, however, the State will never ask for more money back than it paid in providing health care services under the Medicaid program.

How does Medically Needy work?

In general terms, Medically Needy Medicaid works as follows. An individual “spends down” their excess income on medical expenses, which may include Medicare premiums, to a predetermined amount. This is often referred to as a Medically Needy Income Limit (MNIL), as it is in Georgia.

What is share of cost?

“Share of Cost” is the amount you agree to pay for health care before Medi-Cal starts to pay. This is called “meeting your share of cost.” Your Share of Cost is a set amount based on how much money you make.

What does it mean to be approved for medically needy?

What is Medically Needy Medi-Cal? Medically Needy Medi-Cal provides full scope Medi-Cal services to aged, blind, or disabled people with income above the eligibility levels of no-cost Medi-Cal programs. The program usually requires that you incur a monthly share of cost, similar in principle to a monthly copayment.

How are medically needy individuals eligible for Medicaid?

Medically needy individuals can still become eligible by “spending down” the amount of income that is above a state’s medically needy income standard. Individuals spend down by incurring expenses for medical and remedial care for which they do not have health insurance.

What kind of people are eligible for Medicaid in Texas?

The only way to truly determine your Texas Medicaid eligibility is to apply. There are four main eligibility groups: pregnant women, people recieving SSI (Supplemental Security Income), those receiving adoptive assistance, and households with kids under the age of 19.

What do you need to know about Medicaid?

Medicaid for medically needy individuals if you qualify for comprehensive coverage without needing to deduct medical expenses from your income to meet the state’s medically needy income level (spend down).

How to get a ride with Medicaid in Texas?

Children using this service must have an adult with them. Medicaid beneficiaries in the Houston/Beaumont Service Area should call Medical Transportation Management at 1-855-687-4786 to arrange a ride. Medicaid beneficiaries in the Dallas/Fort Worth Service Area should call LogistiCare at 1-855-678-3255.