Does Theo have a crush on Malia?

Theo proved to be a strong confidant for Malia, helping her come to terms with her recovered memories of the Desert Wolf and offering to teach her how to shift. Malia did appear receptive to his advances at times but would stop before anything could come of it.

What did Theo inject into Malia?

While all this Beast mania was going down, Malia deemed it the perfect time to go along with a very bad plan to let Theo inject her with wolfsbane so he may use the Dread Doctors’ equipment in their lair to find the Desert Wolf. Since she can’t know exactly where their lair is, wolfsbane shot to the neck it is.

What happened to Theo in Season 5?

Theo is revealed to be alright and gives Liam more time to get into the rift before joining Scott, Malia and Peter in fighting Garret’s army of Ghost Riders. (Read More…) Apparently homeless, Theo lives in his SUV. He finds and removes a mysterious spider from his back.

Why did Theo help Malia?

Malia held resentment toward Theo for betraying her, her friends and killing Scott, and despite this anger toward him, she allowed him to help her and Braeden in her mission to kill her biological mother and fellow Werecoyote The Desert Wolf but Theo once again betrayed Malia; this time, he had made a deal with the …

Do Liam and Theo get together?

Thiam Elevator Scene Theo and Liam have never got along since day 1, no matter how much we wished they would! The finale showed however, a moment between Liam and Theo where they may have finally put their differences aside and embraced the bromance we all know they truly have.

What episode does Theo come back?

‘Teen Wolf’ Spoilers: Theo Returns — Season 6 Episode 12 Interview | TVLine.

Why did Theo betray Malia?

Although Malia was not at all thrilled to see Theo again and wanted to kill him for betraying her back in Season 5, she and the other members of the pack were forced to cooperate with him as he divulged his knowledge of the Wild Hunt and Garrett Douglas, an Alpha Löwenmensch who desired the Wild Hunt as his personal …

Why is Malia upset with Stiles?

Malia explains that she guessed after she saw the bite on his shoulder while he was sleeping. She never said anything because it didn’t matter to her that he killed Donovan. Stiles says it matters to him and gets out of the car, marking the couple’s break-up due to Stiles’ self-loathing.

Why is Malia’s eyes blue?

Three Werecoyotes have been introduced in the series: Malia Tate, whose supernatural eyes were blue because she accidentally killed her human adoptive mother and sister on her first transformation during a full moon when she was nine years old; Corinne, who had blue supernatural eyes because she has taken countless …

Who was Stiles first kiss?

In season 3, these two really started to bond. It was clear that Stiles still had a thing for her, and you saw Lydia start to lean on Stiles more and more as she started to embrace her powers. In 3A, they shared their first kiss. Stiles was having a panic attack, and to help him hold his breath, Lydia kissed him.

Who is Raeken anchor?

Liam Dunbar is Theo Raeken’s Anchor – Works | Archive of Our Own.

How did Theo and Malia meet in Teen Wolf?

Theo and Malia first met in Season 5 ‘s premiere, after Theo, who had just returned to Beacon Hills to join the pack led by his former classmate and Malia’s close friend Scott McCall, helped them defeat the Werewolf -Garuda Chimera Belasko.

What happens in Ouroboros with Theo and Malia?

Malia releases the butterfly press and it snaps back. Theo rubs his chest after the machine caused some strain and smiles, They soon work together along with Scott to find a new chimera. In Ouroboros, Once Theo had saved Liam and Hayden Malia is grateful and hugs Theo, which he reciprocates.

What happens in Season 5 of Teen Wolf?

As Scott tries to put his pack back together, Malia and her new ally set out to rescue Deaton from The Desert Wolf. Error: please try again. After finding out that Lydia is in danger, Stiles makes a plan to break her out of Eichen House; Theo has his own plans as he joins Deucalion in a quest to kill Scott.

How did Malia Tate fight the Dread Doctors?

Malia fights Tracy Stewart when she attacks the Sheriff’s station. The Dread Doctors hold Malia down while they kill Tracy. ( Read More… ) She finds a book about the Dread Doctors.