Does Wagon R LXI have power window?

The lower trims like the Lx and Lxi does not have any power windows features, but the Lxi CNG is provided with front power windows only. …

Which version of Wagon R is best?

If you have a strict budget then it is good if you go for 1.0-litre LXI variant. Yes, the performance of 1.0 litre will not be as good as the 1.2-litre variant but you will be happy with its fuel efficiency. The LXI O variant has all the basics covered as well.

What is difference between old and new Wagon R?

Prices of the new WagonR start at Rs 4.19 lakh and goes up to Rs 5.69 lakh. The new Wagon R is longer and wider than the old model and also has a longer wheelbase….Price difference.

Variants Old WagonR New WagonR
LXi Rs 4.15 lakh 4.19 lakh
LXi (O) Rs 4.48 lakh 4.25 lakh
VXi (1.2-litre) Rs 4.41 lakh 4.69 lakh (4.89 lakh)

How many generations are there in Wagon R?

Capitalizing its size changes, Maruti Suzuki is marketing the car as the “Big New Wagon R”. For the first time, the Wagon R is offered with two engine options….Third generation (2019)

Third generation
Wheelbase 2,435 mm (95.9 in)
Length 3,655 mm (143.9 in)
Width 1,620 mm (63.8 in)
Height 1,675 mm (65.9 in)

What is the mileage of Wagon R VXi?

21.79 kmpl
Maruti Suzuki Wagon R mileage starts at 20.52 kmpl and goes up to 32.52 km/kg. The mileage of Wagon R Petrol ranges between 20.52 kmpl – 21.79 kmpl….Wagon R Mileage (Version Wise Mileage)

Wagon R Versions ARAI Mileage
Wagon R VXi (O) 1.0 998 cc, Petrol, Manual, ₹ 5.32 Lakh 21.79 kmpl

Is Wagon R A power steering?

Yes, Maruti WagonR have power steering as a standard feature.

Is Wagon R discontinued?

With Maruti dispatching over 1,00,000 in across India in the financial year 2020-21. The brand has been able to maintain good numbers.

What is the cost of clutch plate of Wagon R?

Engine Parts

Radiator 5,644
Spark Plug 299
Fan Belt 910
Cylinder Kit 8,890
Clutch Plate 1,799

When did the third generation Wagon your come out?

The third generation Wagon R was launched in Japan in September 2003 for the Wagon R’s tenth Anniversary, but now only as a 660 cc K6A -engined kei car – no oversized version (like the previous Wide and + versions) was developed. The third generation was then facelifted in September 2005 and replaced three years later.

When did the Suzuki Wagon are wide come out?

The larger (non-kei) Wagon R+ was replaced in 1999 – this was brought to Europe in 2000, with larger engines and was sold as the Suzuki Wagon R-Wide. This larger version is also produced in Esztergom in Hungary by Magyar Suzuki and in Gurgaon, India by Maruti Suzuki.

Which is the best variant of Maruti Suzuki Wagon R?

For Rs 33,000 over the 1.2-litre VXI, is the 1.2-litre ZXI – the range topping version which gets front fog lamps, a tachometer, rear defogger, rear wiper and washer, electric folding outside mirrors with turn indicators, and more importantly – a touchscreen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Which is the variant to buy?

Which is the rebadged version of the Indian Wagon R?

The Karimun Wagon R is a rebadged version of the Indian Wagon R to suit the Indonesian government’s Low Cost Green Car (LCGC) policy. It was unveiled in its final production form in September 2013 at the 21st Indonesia International Motor Show.