E Governence – Know How to Apply for your Documents

In this blog, we will explain the benefits associated with the Senior Citizen Card. Also, will describe the entire process of applying for Senior Citizen Card. So, read this blog till the end.

Seniors who are aged b/w 60 to 80 are benefitted for giving lower taxes if they have SCC. This card can easily remove the burden of senior citizen during retirement. The senior citizens card acts as a Government approved proof of age. Senior cardholders can also enjoy a higher return on investment and also take advantage of health insurance benefits.

What are the Benefits of Having SCC ?

  • Reduced Tax Benefit

Tax reduction is very beneficial as it reduces the burden. The tax laws are very liberals. For older people whose income is 3 lakh they are not obliged to pay any tax. On the other hand, who’s income between 3-6 lacks have to pay 10% of the total income. Also, between 5-10 lacks have to pay 20% and income above 10 lacks is taxed at 30%.

  • Simpler Passport Application
  • Applying for a passport can be a very hectic process, but it is now easier for seniors. You just need to submit a copy of your son or daughter passport over the age of 18. The child’s passport must mention the name of his parents.
  • Cheap Airlines Ticket

Cheaper airlines ticket is one of the best benefits of senior citizen card. With this feature, they can enjoy various discounts on tickets. If your age is over 63 you will be benefited for 50% discount on domestic flights.

  • Cheaper Railways Tickets

There is a different provision of discounts for males and females. Male can avail 40% and females can avail 50% discount on any class of the coach.

  • Simpler Banking Service

Several banks in India are focusing on senior citizens to made banking services much easier for them. Therefore, they have separate queues for senior citizens and provides extra benefit on accounts.

How to Obtain Senior Citizen’s Card

  • Fill out the form of Rs 50
  • Attach any of the permanent address proof (ration card or telephone bill or voter identity card)
  • Any of the valid age proof (pan card or any school leaving certificate)
  • One birth proof (certificate from birth hospital)
  • 3 stamp size photographs from which attach 2 photographs on white paper and one on pink paper.
  • Letter from any doctor government or private showing about your medical health if you are allergenic to something
  • Report showing your blood group
  • It is necessary to bring the entire original document for verification.
  • After the entire process, it will take 60 to 90 days to generate your id

Note: One can also get senior citizen’s card from the collector’s office

How To Get a Passport Renewed Without an excessive amount of Trouble?

There are some ways that a passport user can renew their passport with the foremost common method being, the passport renewal website. Passports have standard validities counting on the person applying and their age at the time they apply for his or her passports. the overall passport initially starts with a ten-year validity. For the primary few times, they’re also renewed for an equivalent duration. because the individual begins getting older, the duration of the passport validity starts decreasing and that they begin getting renewed during a shorter time, like 5 years.

There are multiple ways of renewing passports and for the longest time, the foremost common was through the passport office.


With the new passport website, renewing your passport makes it tons easier since it’s all the knowledge that an individual may need to urge this done. It does make downloading the documents tons easier and allows people to send all their information through the portal which saves them the time of heading to the office.

Heading to the office would wish to schedule a meeting. Additionally, you’d need to clear time from work to form the appointment and obtain the needed documentation. this will sometimes be a tedious process and need quite one appointment.


Since the passport has already been created, applicants wouldn’t need to create a replacement one. they might only need to submit an equivalent passport and therefore the changes would be made there.

However, they might need to fork over documentation to prove their address which they sleep in an equivalent state and accordingly make a change on their passport. People would tend a date once they could come to the office to gather their new passport

Other documents needed for the sake of identification would be another document which will provide their identities sort of a drivers licence or Aadhaar card. Their passport would be

cross-checked to form sure none of the knowledge mentioned has got to be updated. The passport renewal process has its own set of forms that need to be filled out. These would need to be handed in, ensuring all the knowledge on the forms is accurate and matches the knowledge that was added to the passport, ten years earlier.

Register for a certificate to use for all other mandatory documentation with ease.

Birth certificates​ need to be the foremost used document since they’re connected to all or any other application processes. they’re needed for processes starting from applications to high school and college to Government documents just like the PAN cards, Aadhaar cards, and election cards. These documents in-turn are often used for everything else.

Applying for a ​birth certificate​ was initially handled at the time a toddler was born. There are acceptions to the present rule and very often people are allowed a few of days to use for a certificate if they prefer to take them. this is often generally done giving them time to either gather all the documents needed for the method or find the proper name for his or her kid.

What is the method of applying for a birth certificate?

Initially, the method was handled by the hospital where the kid was born. However, if the oldsters needed longer, that they had to handle the method themselves by heading to the Panchayat or Municipality with the specified paperwork. In most parts of India, the small print of births and deaths are stored at the offices of the Panchayat or Municipality closest to them. The births are handled nearest to the hospital where the kid was delivered, and therefore the deaths, closest to home.

Now, the method has been taken to the web with a highly efficient ​online certificate portal which allows people to travel through the method during a few minutes. If the applicant’s parents have all their information with them, they might be ready to handle it during a few easy steps. the web site has all the small print anyone would wish, additionally, it also has all the appliance forms required.

Applicants need to confirm they fill out the forms with none errors cause they might got to handle another process to rectify them. After everything has been submitted, the web site needs a few of days to process everything at their backend before providing a date by when the birth certificates would be ready.

What are the opposite tasks the web site handles?

As mentioned earlier, the web site is capable of handling all needs or concerns that a private could have while browsing the certificate process. Another issue that folks usually face when handling birth certificates is receiving one with a bunch of errors. Making changes to birth certificates isn’t easy, but also can be handled through the location.

If an applicant is looking to form changes to their details, they might need to undergo the applications and upload all the documents needed, including identification, an affidavit stating the change, an application letter then on. of these files would need to be uploaded to the web site which might take a few of days to reply. it might provide a selected time with the certificate would be ready and dispatched.

Overall, the new process handles all issues concerning births certificates during a lot less time than previously having to run from one office to a different.