Each student at some stage of learning is faced with writing an essay. Thanks to this regular practice, he develops imagination, improves knowledge of grammar, the culture of speech, his vocabulary is replenished with new speech expressions, which generally develops the ability to clearly and competently express his thoughts. Therefore, after receiving the task of writing an essay, do not rush and contact the service paper editor . It is better to work on it yourself. As a result, you will develop very important essay writing skills.

Ability to formulate an idea

Before writing an essay, the student must formulate his main idea and start writing on its basis. If this is difficult at the initial stages of learning, then in order to sort out the work on this item, ask yourself a few questions:

  • what do I want to say through the essay?
  • what conclusion do I want to get in the end?
  • what interesting and new can I see in all known objects or phenomena?

By answering these questions, you will formulate the main idea that you want to express in your essay.

The main idea is ready, but work out its wording more carefully. Of course, you can state it using simple standard phrases, but you can think a little and do it somehow unusual and original.

Compositional design of the text

The skills of planning the structure and composition of the text will help you to easily put your thoughts out of your head on paper. Make a small plan and determine what exactly you want to write in each structural component of the essay:

  • introduction;
  • main part;

After carefully working through the information, write down the draft of the main theses of each section of the essay and then proceed to its addition, clarification and detail. These skills will help you avoid confusion in your work, you will be able to regularize and organize your essay.

The compliance of the content of the chosen topic

The development of these skills allows the student not to deviate in the process of writing an essay from the chosen topic. It is not rare that numerous thoughts and ideas come to the mind, and the student begins to write it all and does not notice how he eventually moved to a completely different topic. But the work has already specified the subject of the essay, and for its need to write.

In order this not to happen, in the process of mental activity, write down all the concepts and ideas that you have. Once the flow of your thoughts has stopped, reread your notes and choose from its those that are close to the chosen topic of the essay. Add its characteristic details and descriptions. Choose the appropriate within the meaning of phrases, expressions and examples.

Convincing argument

The level of your skills in argumentative defence of your opinion and point of view plays a crucial role in the success of your essay. If you just write your thoughts but do not support it with significant facts and weighty arguments, then your words will not produce the necessary effect on the reader. And he, after reading your essay, should be so impressed by the strength of the arguments in favour of your opinion that even in the end may reconsider his point of view on the subject in the essay. Give an example of the opinions of other authors and experts, challenge them, proving his innocence. Do it convincingly, but carefully, without undue pressure and obsession.

Good arguments – they can be numbers and facts that illustrate the statement and examples from life. Despite the fact that the student’s life experience is not very great, in his life or the lives of others you can find examples of good or bad deeds, manifestations of friendly feelings, honesty, kindness or compassion. More convincing are the observations on the life of people and society as a whole, because the individual facts in such instances are subject to generalization and are issued in the form of dumb conclusions.