Fast-growing Instagram tips for beginner channels

If you are new to Instagram and want to quickly build up your account, you need to invest a bit of time and effort into making your account as visually appealing as possible. But, even if you post the most well-studied, beautiful photos, nobody is going to know about them if you don’t make use of every possible tool to gain as much reach as possible. Below are some tips you can use to ensure your posts are seen by as many users as possible.

Use hashtags

One of the most popular ways to increase reach is to use hashtags. Why are hashtags helpful? Well, if users search for a certain hashtag, for example #naturephotography, your posts will show up in their search and this way they can get to your channel. Make sure to always use relevant hashtags for your photos, otherwise you will end up looking desperate. At the same time, don’t overcrowd your caption with hashtags only to get followers. People catch up on that pretty fast, especially if you use hashtags that are not related to the topic of the photo. Keep it to a minimum of 5, just to be safe.

Likes, like, likes

Accounts who get many likes also have a much bigger chance of getting featured on Instagram’s search page, as well as get suggested for others to follow. To get likes, make sure you always post relevant content and high-quality photos and keep a constant posting schedule.

One other way to get likes is to use social media marketing services, such as Buy Social Media Marketing. You can get instant likes from BSSM, which will help give your new profile a bit of a confidence boost.

Activate location

When you post photos, make sure to activate location settings, so that Instagram can add a location to your photos. Kind of like hashtags, when people look for that location, they will find your photo as well and you get a much bigger chance of reaching out to potential followers.

If you use location on your photos, you can engage with local followers, who frequent the same place you do, as well as get noticed by businesses who can then share your photo or story on their Instagram page. This will expose you to a new range of users who can then be turned into followers.

Post stories daily

Stories help your followers get to know you and see what you are up to daily. Through stories, you can show your followers things or places you discover, talk to them and engage them into actively communicate with you. You can also use stories to start impromptu giveaways, For example, the first person who likes 20 of your photos gets a small discount to a place you have been frequenting.

Post stories where you ask customers questions, where you challenge them to share their own experiences with you, on subjects they might be interested in, as well as encourage them to ask you questions. This is your way of keeping them up to date with your activities and aspects of your life they might be curious about.