An assignment is one of the main types of independent work of students. They are designed to test the theoretical preparation of students, as well as to develop the skills of writing scientific papers. The structure of the work depends on its purpose.

Types of assignments

There are two types of assignment:

  • formal;

Informal assignments are usually short and do not have a strict structure. Such tasks do not require a lot of research, extensive knowledge and a lot of time to prepare. The main purpose of such work is to support the learning process. These assignments develop the mental abilities of students, as they involve the expression of thoughts and ideas, familiarization with the studied material. Examples of such works can be one-minute articles, notes, small works-reasoning. Typically, this type of work is carried out in the classroom.

Formal tasks require deep research work. Such tasks are focused on the reader. They act as a source of information. Such works are written on the basis of analysis, arguments and facts. The main purpose of this type of work is to improve the literary abilities of the student, to develop analytical skills. Most often, formal tasks are written in the following styles:

  • analytical;
  • argued;

Features of tasks at the university

Basically, students write formal assignments. The work usually consists of 5 or more paragraphs. Writing a large and logically related work is quite difficult, so students first write a work plan that will help them in the writing process. Objectives of the plan:

  • logical statement of thought;
  • save time for writing work;
  • organization of ideas;
  • qualitative research of the problem;
  • segmentation of text work to facilitate reading.

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Important elements of the assignment

  1. The general idea of work.

One idea should unite the whole text of the work. This helps the reader to follow the reasoning and the course of thought. Each separate paragraph should reveal only one side of an idea or problem that is common to the whole work. The work is usually written in the third person. The author’s opinion is usually proved by facts and ideas collected from scientific and other works.

  1. Subheadings and numbering

A frequent requirement for tasks is visual design, namely the use of subheadings, markers and numbering. In this way, it is easy to distinguish different categories of the same problem, consistently present the argument.

  1. Number of words

A common task requirement is a certain number of words. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate in advance the approximate number of words in each paragraph and monitor the number of words as you write the work.

Features of writing

For the work should be characterized by the following.

  • developed categorical apparatus;
  • strict use of concepts and categories;

it is necessary to collect a maximum of literature on the issue under consideration, to demonstrate their own erudition and avoid responsibility for their own point of view if it still appears.