Has anyone killed someone on Ambien?

In the 2013 case, a young man in Littleton, Colo., a suburb of Denver, named Andrew McClay beat his female housemate to death with a hammer. According to news reports, he had taken five zolpidem pills along with whiskey and naproxen.

Can too much Ambien hurt you?

The most dangerous complications of taking too much Ambien are related to breathing and heart rate. At very high doses, Ambien may effect your breathing or heartbeat. But taking more Ambien than recommended can cause memory loss and acting out physical behaviors in your sleep (like driving) that can put you in danger.

Can Ambien make you violent?

Folks who committed violent crimes after taking zolpidem have sometimes blamed their actions on side effects of the drug as they testified in court. While violent crimes are extreme, abnormal sleep-related behaviors associated with zolpidem are common, which is concerning given its widespread use.

Are there any lawsuits against Ambien?

A number of individuals who took Ambien and experienced severe and unexpected side effects filed lawsuits against Sanofi-Aventis citing occurrences of irregular behavior, drug addiction and withdrawal and other injuries which were caused by the medication.

Can Ambien make you psychotic?

Hallucinations may include auditory, visual, or tactile hallucinations. Adverse effects such as hallucinations and psychosis have been reported, particularly with [Ambien].

What Ambien does to your brain?

Like benzodiazepines, Ambien acts on receptor cells in the brain that bind with GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), a brain chemical that influences sleep and other neurological activities. Some users have experienced negative cognitive or psychological side effects to Ambien, such as: Memory loss. Difficulty concentrating.

Can Ambien make you crazy?

However, it also comes with a host of known side effects, including decreased awareness, hallucinations, changes in behavior, memory problems, sleepwalking, sleep eating (and cooking), and even sleep driving. In fact, Ambien has become rather notorious for its weird and wacky side effects.

Can you take 15 mg Ambien?

The typical dose range for an Ambien prescription is between five and 10 milligrams. Taken in this dosage, Ambien is generally very safe and will not put individuals at risk for overdose. However, exceeding this amount can dramatically increase the potential for negative side effects and overdose.

Can Ambien cause mania?

Ambien can cause sleepwalking and the type of mania and hypomania that are associated with bipolar, or manic-depressive, disorder.

Is there a lethal dose of Ambien ( overdose information )?

The overdose potential of zolpidem is increased when it is used in conjunction with other drugs, but this potential is particularly increased when it is used with drugs that have like effects or similar mechanisms of action. The effects of an overdose on Ambien consist of a dangerous enhancement of its medicinal effects.

Can a person go into a coma from Ambien?

Due to the fast-acting sedative nature of the drug, a person can quickly fall unconscious and potentially go into a coma. An Ambien overdose is often survivable if treatment is sought immediately. However, there have been fatalities reported as a result of an Ambien overdose.

What happens if you mix Ambien with other drugs?

Mixing Ambien with other drugs can result in an enhancement of this effect, particularly if the drugs have similar effects to zolpidem. Mixing zolpidem products with other drugs also increases the potential for other rare side effects such as hallucinations and/or seizures.

What’s the best way to OD on Ambien?

Another way to OD on Ambien is to try to get “high” on Ambien, particularly since euphoric effect takes larger amounts of the drug than are normally prescribed. And some people attempt to OD on Ambien as a way to commit suicide or self-harm.