How big do snapping turtles get in New York State?

Snapping turtle are found across New York State. They were named the state reptile in 2006. They are the largest freshwater turtle in the state, and can grow to 35 pounds, with a shell more than 20 inches long. Snappers live in lakes, ponds, rivers, streams and marshes around the state.

What is the largest snapping turtle on record?

alligator snapping turtle
The largest snapping turtle ever officially recorded was a 16 year old alligator snapping turtle that weighed in at a massive 249 pounds. This massive turtle was weighed at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago in 1999 prior to being sent to Tennessee Aquarium on breeding loan.

Are Snapping turtles in New York?

Snapping turtles live 30-40 years on average. It is one of the largest turtles in North America. The snapping turtle is New York’s official state reptile.

Are alligator snapping turtles found in NY?

The Common Snapper that lives in New York doesn’t get as big as the one I’d seen, not nearly as big. Then I found his cousin, that lives in the south, called the Alligator Snapping Turtle. The article stated clearly that it had to be released as a pet because these turtles do not live in New York.

Are Lake turtles snapping turtles?

The Common Snapping Turtle is native to North America east of the Rocky Mountains, from the Gulf of Mexico to southern Canada. These turtles live in fresh, or sometimes brackish water – lakes, ponds, rivers, creeks, ditches, swamps and marshes – and prefer muddy or silty bottoms with lots of vegetation.

Are there snapping turtles in the Adirondacks?

The most commonly found turtles in the Adirondack Park are the snapping turtle, the painted turtle, the spotted turtle, and the wood turtle.

Are snapping turtles protected in NY?

“Wildlife, including snapping turtles, are protected and regulated in New York State under NYS Environmental Conservation Law,” the DEC said. The defendant faces fines of up to $500, not including court surcharges. The state has 11 freshwater species and one saltwater/brackish water species.

What kills snapping turtle?

Predators of Common Snapping Turtle Nests

  • fire ants.
  • rats.
  • raccoons.
  • skunks.
  • badgers.
  • opossums.
  • crows.
  • coyotes.

What is the largest alligator snapping turtle ever recorded?

The alligator snapping turtle, which has been reported to live as long as 200 years, is the heaviest freshwater turtle in the world. The largest on record was 249 pounds.

What eats large snapping turtles?

What Predators Eat Snapping Turtles? Snapping turtle hatchlings and eggs are vulnerable to many predators, including fish, other turtles, raccoons, bullfrogs, skunks, great blue herons, foxes, crows, dogs, water snakes and birds . Once the turtles are older and their shells harden, they do not face many predators.

What are snapping turtles average size?

The common snapping is a large freshwater species of turtles . An adult common snapping turtle has a length from 25 to 47 cm (10 to 19 inches) and a weight from 5 to 16 kg (10 to 35 lb) The size one snapping turtle reach depends on various factors.

Are snapping turtles an endangered species?

The Alligator snapping turtles are now listed as an endangered species, due to their declining population as a result of human poaching. These group of turtles belong to the family chelydridae and are divided in 2 main groups. This is one of the largest species of freshwater turtles in the world.