How big is the pharmaceutical industry in India?

Globally, India ranks 3rd in terms of pharmaceutical production by volume and 14th by value. The domestic pharmaceutical industry includes a network of 3,000 drug companies and ~10,500 manufacturing units.

Who is the Secretary of the Indian Pharmaceutical Association?

The Indian Pharmaceutical Association      Annual Activity Report 2017 – 2018  Suresh Khanna Hon. Gen. Secretary Dear Members,  I am happy to present Annual Activity Report of our association for the year 2017‐18. Central Executive Council for 2016 ‐ 18  

Which is the best pharma company in India?

In April 2021, National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) fixed the price of 81 medicines including off-patent anti-diabetic drugs allowing due benefits of patent expiry to the patients. In February 2021, Aurobindo Pharma announced plans to procure solar power from two open access projects of NVNR Power and Infra in Hyderabad.

How is the government regulating pharmacies in India?

The Government of India is planning to set up an electronic platform to regulate online pharmacies under a new policy, in order to stop any misuse due to easy availability. The Government of India unveiled ‘Pharma Vision 2020’ aimed at making India a global leader in end-to-end drug manufacture.

Market Size India’s domestic pharmaceutical market is estimated at US$ 42 billion in 2021 and likely to reach US$ 65 billion by 2024 and further expand to reach ~US$ 120-130 billion by 2030.

Which is famous for pharmaceutical industry in India?

By market capitalisation in Indian stock exchange

Rank Company Market Capitalization August 2021 (INR crores)
1 Sun Pharma 182,469
2 Divi’s Laboratories 128,794
2 Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories 75,113
4 Cipla 73,042

How is the pharmaceutical industry doing in India?

The pharmaceutical sector in India, expected to expand at a CAGR of 22.4 per cent over 2015–20 to reach US$ 55 billion. India’s pharmaceutical exports stood at US$ 17.27 billion in FY18 and have reached US$ 10.80 billion in FY19. Sector supplies over 50% of global demand for various vaccines.

Why India is called pharmacy of the world?

By 1991, vaccine manufacturers in India supplied the vaccines for the Indian government’s universal immunisation program – except for the oral polio vaccine, which was indigenised later. It produced affordable medicines and vaccines, and rendered India as ‘the pharmacy of the world’.

Who is the No 1 Medicine company in India?

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd has a 24.09 % Stock Weighatage in Nifty Pharma. The company has total sales of Rs 29066 Cr. Sun Pharma is the Largest Pharma Companies in India by Revenue and Market capital. Market Cap: 94,378 Cr.

Which state has the most pharmaceutical companies in India?

Hyderabad has a dominant position in Pharma Sector, it ranks first in manufacturing of bulk drugs and third in formulations in the country. It accounts for 40 per cent of the total Indian bulk drug production and 50 per cent of the bulk drug exports and is considered as the ‘Bulk Drug Capital of India’.

Which country is best in pharma?

Pharmaceutical Industry Exports

# 43 Countries Million US Dollars
1 #1 Germany 96,888.63
2 #2 Switzerland 81,188.31
3 #3 Ireland 52,547.34
4 #4 United States 52,537.48

What country exports the most Pharmaceuticals?

World’s Largest Pharmaceutical Exporters

  • Germany: $84.7 billion.
  • Switzerland: $71.7 billion.
  • United States: $49.7 billion.
  • Belgium: $45.7 billion.
  • Ireland: $40 billion.

What is the best pharma company in India?

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited

  • Dr. Reddy’s Lab
  • Divis Laboratories Limited
  • Cipla Limited
  • Biocon Ltd
  • Aurobindo Pharmaceuticals
  • Torrent Pharmaceuticals
  • Lupin Limited
  • Zydus Cadila
  • Abbott India Ltd
  • How many pharma companies in India?

    India is home to whopping 24,000 pharma companies. Of these, only about 250, including multinational companies ( MNCs ) come within the organized sector. Pharmaceutical companies in India are projected to register a growth of nearly 16 percent in 2018- or US$ 28 billion.

    What is the net worth of the pharmaceutical industry?

    The main goal of the pharmaceutical industry is to provide drugs that prevent infections, maintain health and cure diseases. The global pharmaceutical industry is estimated to be worth $1 trillion.

    What are the major problems with the pharmaceutical industry?

    Four major challenges facing the complex Pharma industry are highlighted and discussed. These include the decline in the discovery, approval and marketing of new chemical entities (NCE) with fewer and fewer blockbuster drugs making it to the market, competition from generics drugs, regulatory pressures and the weak growth in the US