How big is Yuraygir National Park?

313.71 km2
Yuraygir is a national park in New South Wales, Australia, located 482 km (300 mi) northeast of Sydney….Yuraygir National Park.

Yuraygir National Park New South Wales
Established 1980
Area 313.71 km2 (121.1 sq mi)
Managing authorities New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service
See also Protected areas of New South Wales

How do you pronounce Yuraygir?

‘You-Ra-Gear’ or sometimes ‘You-Ray-Gear’. Yuraygir was coined by National Parks and Wildlife Service in the 1990s when northern and southern parts of various earlier National Parks were joined together along with land additions in the creation of the consolidated park of today.

Can you swim in Lake Arragan?

Lake Arragan and Red Cliff campgrounds sit side-by-side on the park’s northern coastline. This is a great spot for canoeing, swimming, fishing and birdwatching, and if you’re feeling energetic, you can try the 10km coastal walk to Angourie. Or head south to Red Cliff for panoramic coastal views.

How do you get to Pebbly Beach Campground?

Pebbly Beach campground is in the southern precinct of Yuraygir National Park. To get there: From Pacific Highway, take the Barcoongere Way turn-off approximately 45km south of Grafton, or 42km north of Coffs Harbour. Continue for around 13km to the park entrance and then follow the signs to the campground.

Where is Warrumbungles?

The Warrumbungles is a mountain range in the Orana region of New South Wales, Australia. The nearest town is Coonabarabran.

Where is Lake Arragan NSW?

To get there: Turn right onto Brooms Head Road from the Pacific Highway. Continue for about 18km and then follow signs for Lake Arragan or Red Cliff campgrounds, both are located on Brooms Head Road about 3km north of Brooms Head.

Can you drive on pebbly beach?

Pebbly Beach is 4WD-access-only as you need to drive along the beach and then across a salt water tidal crossing (best done at low tide).

What is a pebbly beach?

(ˈpɛbəl biːtʃ) a beach covered with pebbles or stones rather than sand. Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers.

How do I get to Warrumbungles National Park?

From Coonamble:

  1. Take Castlereagh Highway south, and turn left onto King Street.
  2. Continue along Coonamble-Tooraweenah Road for approx. 68km.
  3. Once within Warrumbungle National Park, continue along John Renshaw Parkway for approx. 6km.
  4. Turn left off John Renshaw Parkway and travel approx. 300m to the visitor centre.

How old are the Warrumbungles?

13 to 17 million years ago
The Warrumbungles are the remnants of a large heavily eroded shield volcano which was active from 13 to 17 million years ago. The volcano is estimated to have been 1,000 metres (3,300 ft) high and 50 kilometres (31 mi) wide. It formed as volcanic explosions occurred over millions of years.

Can you have dogs at Pebbly Beach?

We find the pebbly beach (sunshine Bay dog friendly). You would have to phone up council for the hours dogs are allowed but it is a nice quiet beach for a bonding walk. Look up holiday homes eg. Raine & Horne for dog friendly rentals.

Can u camp on pebbly beach?

Pebbly Beach campground is about 50km from Coffs Harbour. Enjoy remote beach camping with caravan sites, plus walking tracks, fishing and whale watching nearby. You can bring small caravans and trailers if towed by high clearance 4WDs. Free firewood is available at the Station Creek turnoff.

Where to go in Yuraygir National Park NSW?

Yuraygir National Park. Located between Yamba and Coffs Harbour, Yuraygir National park is perfect for a school excursion. Try the Yuraygir Coastal walk, or enjoy whale watching, beach camping, swimming and fishing activities.

Where does The Yuraygir coastal walk take place?

Follow the ancient wandering trails of Australia’s coastal emus on the multi-day Yuraygir coastal walk. This colossal signposted track traverses the coastline from Angourie to Red Rock.

Where is pebbly beach in Yuraygir National Park?

Pebbly Beach campground sits by a small bay north of Station Creek Beach. Getting to this remote campground is as much an adventure as staying there – you’ll need to drive along the beach and cross a saltwater estuary at low tide.

How long is the walk from Gumbaynggirr to Yaegl?

Tackle the full 65km with overnight camping stops along the way or break the track up into shorter segments. It’s best walked north to south with the sun at your back. However you choose to undertake this journey through the traditional homelands of the Gumbaynggirr and Yaegl nations, it’s unlikely you’ll ever forget it.