How big will an Anatolian Shepherd mix get?

How Big Will An Anatolian Shepherd Mix Get? An Anatolian Shepherd Mix can typically grow up to 150 lbs. Males have an average weight of 110 to 150 lbs and stand as tall as 29 inches. As for females, they are lighter at 80 to 120 lbs and stand around 27 inches tall at the shoulder.

Do Anatolians make good pets?

Anatolian Shepherds are not aggressive animals overall. Their aggression is only evident when they feel their pack is being threatened. In fact, they really are great family pets and good with children. Overall, these dogs are really good at their job and will protect your family or livestock with all they have.

Are Anatolians aggressive?

This large, strong, and independent dog requires an experienced dog owner who can set firm, consistent boundaries. The Anatolian Shepherd may be aggressive towards people and dogs they don’t know, especially without adequate socialization when they are young. They are strong-willed and sometimes think they know best.

How do you take care of an Anatolian Shepherd?

Routine Care, Diet, and Exercise Made for harsh weather, this coat SHEDS! A grooming rake will be a good investment. Rake and/or brush her coat at least weekly. Anatolian Shepherds generally have good teeth, and you can keep them perfect by brushing them at least twice a week!

Is Anatolian shepherd energy level?

The Anatolian Shepherd is a large-breed dog known for its ancient lineage, strong independent streak, and affinity for the working lifestyle….Characteristics of the Anatolian Shepherd.

Affection Level Medium
Energy Level Medium
Trainability Medium-High
Intelligence Medium-High
Tendency to Bark Medium-Low

Do Anatolian shepherds run away?

According to Whistle, Anatolian Shepherds have been found to be the #1 breed most likely to run away, with owners losing this particular breed 2.13 times per month.

What is an Anatolian shepherd good for?

The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a livestock guardian dog, meaning he is in charge of watching over a flock and protecting the defenseless animals from predators. In modern-day Turkey, where the breed originated, Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are still used to guard flocks and property.

Is Anatolian Shepherd energy level?

How much does an Anatolian shepherd cost?

Breed Information
Puppy Prices Average $800 – $1200 USD An Anatolian Shepherd Dog puppy typically costs between $800 and $1,200 though prices may vary somewhat. Factors such as a low number of puppies born each year, few breeders, the breeder’s reputation, and the costs of health testing can all influence the price.

How much is a purebred Anatolian shepherd?

Do Anatolian Shepherds make good pets?

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are one of the easier dog breeds to groom as their coats are on the shorter side. However, regular brushing is still advised to keep it looking as nice as possible. The Anatolian Shepherd Dog will make an excellent working dog as well as a family pet.

What should I Feed my Anatolian Shepherd dog or puppy?

An adult Anatolian Shepherd Dog will eat between 40 to 60 pounds of premium quality dog food each month. It is crucial to keep your dog somewhat lean so that growing bones and joints are not over-stressed. You should feed your young Anatolian Shepherd pup small amounts of food over two or three times during the day.

Is the Anatolian Shepherd the right dog for your family?

Although often used as a working dog in the past for shepherding, the Anatolian Shepherd Dog can be a wonderful family dog as well. This breed gets along with kids, but may have a tendency to play a little rough at times so supervision is advised. With strangers, the Anatolian Shepherd Dog can be a bit standoffish, but is loving with those he knows. The Anatolian Shepherd Dog likes to get outside as much as possible and enjoys a good run or walk each day. Independence is a known trait of the

What are some traits of Pyrenees and Labrador mix?

Overview of Great Pyrenees Labrador Mix. Take the gentle and loving nature of a Labrador Retriever,and blend it with the protective and robust personality of a Great Pyrenees.

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  • Appearance.
  • Grooming Needs.
  • Living Conditions.
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