How can I make educational videos?

The best thing is, with all of its features, you can use it for free!

  1. Renderforest. If you want to create a video fast and easy, try Renderforest.
  2. Animaker Edify. This one is similar to Renderforest and is used to create an animated video.
  3. Ezvid. Ezvid is another free and completely easy to use screen recorder.
  4. Powtoon.

How do I make an educational video on my phone?

These are some of the most popular Android apps for creating and editing videos on the go….6 of The Best Android Video Making and Editing Apps for Teachers and Students

  1. Magisto Video Editor and Maker.
  2. WeVideo video editor.
  3. VivaVideo.
  4. Adobe Premiere Clip.
  5. PowerDirector.

How to make a tutorial video with Animoto?

How to make a tutorial video with Animoto 1 Select a storyboard template or start from scratch 2 Upload your photos and video clips or choose from our library of Getty Images stock library 3 Personalize by changing colors, music, and text and adding your logo 4 Produce and share your tutorial video More

What can you do with Animoto for college?

Use Animoto to highlights the amenities, faculty, and campus culture that set your school apart. Help alums keep in touch with video updates showing what classmates are up to. Let your former students know how they can stay involved and give back to their alma mater.

How many views does Animoto educational video maker make?

Without much money for private school marketing, the academy created an ad using Animoto and spent just $50 promoting it. That was enough to net the school more than 7000 views and more than 100 shares, building awareness of the school in the local community and helping them reach a whole new pool of potential San Jacinto students.

Can you put a watermark on a video on Animoto?

If you have a paid subscription to Animoto, you will see an option to add a corner watermark to your videos. A watermark will display persistently throughout your entire video, with the exception of Logo blocks at the start or end of your video. Upload a watermark under the Design tools, which we’ll discuss a little later on.