How can I protect my wrists while skating?

Wrist guards support the wrists and may help prevent a broken bone when falling. “But the wrist is best protected by not catching yourself with your hands when you fall,” says Dr. Peretz. Shoes should be closed and slip-resistant, and goggles should be considered to keep debris out of the eyes.

What protective gear should I get for roller skating?

Knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and a helmet are standard. If you want to go the extra mile, you could follow the lead of roller derby players and add a mouthguard. There are even padded shorts out there to protect your tailbone!

What do wrist guards do skating?

Wrist guards are designed to stop you getting gravel in your hands when you fall forwards into hands and knees. No piece of plastic attached to a joint can prevent a fracture if the contact is heavy and at the wrong angle.

Do wrist protectors work?

Results: Wrist guards were associated with a statistically significant increase in the number of drops, mean drop height, mean kinetic energy, and summed impulse required to cause a fracture. Fractures also tended to be less severe when wrist guards were used.

Are wrist protectors good?

Should I wear knee pads when roller skating?

Roller Skating Injuries Wearing protective gear such as knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards are essential if you want to avoid cuts, bruises, and even serious injuries like fractures and dislocations.

How should skating wrist guards fit?

Wrist Guards should feel snug or as if they’re a snug feeling glove, without “gapping”. The plastic loop or shell loop should sit on the heel of the palm and the velcro fastens should meet their mates either sitting in the middle or meeting the end of the material.

What size wrist guards do I need?


Size Wrist Circumference (inches) Wrist Circumference (centimeters)
S 6.5 – 7.5″ 16.5 – 19cm
M 7.5 – 8.5″ 19 – 21.5cm
L 8.5 – 9.5″ 21.5 – 24cm
XL 9.5 – 10.5″ 24 – 27cm

Are wrist guards worth it?

Are Wrist Wraps Worth It? Wrist wraps are excellent for lifting, especially for people with small/weak wrist joints. Buy wrist wraps if your wrists do not stay neutral when you lift. Beginner lifters, usually don’t need wrist wraps, but if you’ve strength training experience, then you should definitely consider them.

Which is the best wrist guard for skateboarders?

As what the name suggests, the 187 derby wrist guard is designed for derby skaters. But, these wrist guards are also great for skateboarders! The 187 Killer Pads Derby Wrist Guards offer great support, regardless if you’re a derby skater or a skateboarder.

What kind of pads do I need for my Skateboard?

Warehouse has the widest selection of skateboard pads for you to choose from. Find knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards of all different styles to suit the protection you need for the bowl or the park. We carry the best skate pads from top brands like Triple 8, 187 Kiler Pads, ProTec, Rector and more.

Are there any knee pads from Pro designed?

Pro-Designed, Inc. offers a complete line of knee pads for all sports & applications. Pro-Designed, Inc. provides the same excellent protection in several styles of elbow pads.

What makes PRO TEC wrist guards so durable?

They have a thin metal splint on the back to prevent your wrist from bending backwards when you land on your palm. The durability of these wrist guards are also worth noting. Like the Pro-Tec Street Wrist Guards, they’re double-stitched and made of high-strength ballistic nylon for longevity.