How can I talk to Kotak Securities Customer Care?

Customer Care Focus

  1. Toll free number – 1800 209 9191.
  2. Email support. a. Trading account – [email protected] b. Demat account – [email protected]
  3. Social media – Our Facebook and Twitter pages are equipped to answer questions and trouble shoot problems with you.

What is the email ID of Kotak Securities?

For specific queries related to your Demat Account write to us at [email protected] If you are an existing customer, please mention your client code along with the details of your query. This will help us resolve your queries quickly.

How can I unlock my Kotak Securities account?

If you forgot your Security Key, you have to visit our website and click on link ‘Forgot Security Key’ and place your request for a temporary Security Key password and the same will be generated and sent to your registered mobile phone. By using this temporary password you can trade on that day.

What is Kotak Securities account?

Kotak Securities 3-in-1 account includes a demat account, an online trading account, and a bank account clubbed into one great service. Forget juggling multiple partners for each account! With the 3-in-1 account, get a trading and demat account with Kotak Securities, and a bank account with Kotak Mahindra Bank.

What is Call & Trade?

Call & Trade is a facility that allows you to trade in the stock markets using your phone, when your computer is not accessible. This is specifically for online stock trading customers. Once you call Kotak Securities, you can place as many orders as you want. There is no limit.

Does Kotak Securities work on Saturday?

Working hours On Saturdays and Sundays, the stock market remains closed. Share market holidays can be classified under two heads—trading holidays and clearing holidays. Trading holidays: On these days, you can’t buy or sell shares.

What is the name of Kotak chatbot?

We are delighted to introduce you to Kotak Mahindra Bank’s chatbot — Keya — your very own virtual assistant! Keya is smart, is quick and available to answer your banking queries round the clock.

How can I close my demat account?

Closing a demat account involves visiting the DP office or branch by any of the demat account holders and submission of requisite form and documents.

  1. Form.
  2. Details.
  3. DP ID and Client ID.
  4. Existing details like name and address – it should match the records.
  5. Reason for closing the account.
  6. Transfer.
  7. Process.
  8. Charges.

What is Kotak Securities access code?

Access Code is an additional 6 digit PIN required to log in to Net Banking / Payment Gateway for enhanced security and safety.

How can I check my Kotak Securities ledger balance?

QWhere can I check my transaction and balance details? You can view your transaction and balance details in your ledger which is available online; the path is explained below: Login to your account on > My Account > View My Ledger. Click on NSE/BSE/NSEDERV to view the full details.

How can I link my bank account with Kotak Securities?

Dear Customer,

  1. To enable us to transfer funds in your Bank Account, you need to link a Bank Account to your Trading account with us.
  2. Alternatively, you can post a query using Q-Form on, through the Solve Your Query option under the Customer Service menu.
  3. Thank you for investing through us.

Is Kotak demat account free?

The integrated trading + demat + saving bank account is for convenient investment in the stock market and mutual funds. Request a Callback….Kotak Securities Demat Account Opening Charges.

Service Charges
Demat Account Opening Fee Rs 0 (Free)
Demat Account Annual Charges (AMC) Rs 600

How to contact Kotak Securities for customer support?

Welcome to Kotak Securities Customer Support Chat. You can have a live chat with a customer service associate to have your queries addressed related to your trading account, product information, offers and technology platforms. Alternatively, you can call us at 1800 209 9191 or drop us an e-mail at [email protected]

How to contact Kotak Securities for NRI Demat?

Kotak Securities provides NRI Demat Account services as well. If you are an NRI client, you can always use the toll-free number (1800 209 9191 / 1860 266 9191) to reach out to the broker (like mentioned above).

Is there an escalation framework for Kotak Securities?

However, on a positive note, Kotak Securities has been able to successfully set an escalation framework for its clients in case they do not get resolution within a stipulated period. This is how it works: The customer can reach out to the support team of the stockbroker with his/her query or concern.

Which is the parent company of Kotak Mahindra Bank?

A well emerged brand, which is blessed with the parent organization Kotak Mahindra Bank, is a great source of guarantee in itself. This guarantee includes the Kotak Securities Customer Support team’s ability of fixing the issues faced by the clients.