How can you tell a Jenny Lind bed?

A true Jenny Lind bed has square solid corners on the headboard. 1850s – spool-turned furniture was made with rounded corners because spool-turners developed a method of bending the spool turnings.

What year is Jenny Lind bed?

The 19th century singer Jenny Lind lent her name to a style of bed with spool turnings. This example probably dates to the 1890s.

Does Jenny Lind bed need box spring?

Crate & Kids Jenny Lind Bed They also offer white glove delivery, so they will set up the bed for you. The girls jump on the bed, play on the bed, and it has held up really well. It is also GREENGUARD Gold certified. You also don’t need a box spring because the mattress sits on top of slats.

Where did the name Jenny Lind bed Come From?

cottage furniture type was also called “Jenny Lind,” in honour of the famous Swedish soprano Jenny Lind, whose American concert tour with the American showman P.T. Barnum during the period of this style’s introduction made her name widely familiar.

Is Jenny Lind a style or a brand?

Jenny Lind is often mistaken to be a company or a brand, but it’s neither. It’s simply a style of furniture distinguished by turned posts or what we call spindles.

How old are Ropebeds?

Even though they can be almost 200 years old, rope beds can be a sturdy and quality piece of furniture for your home.

What is a Jenny Lind House?

The term ”Jenny Lind,” often applied generically in West Virginia to any building of simple construction, refers to a type of construction, not a building style. A Jenny Lind house was built on a foundation of piers made from stone, block, brick, or wooden posts.

How do you refinish a spindle bed?

Spray sanding sealer on the spindle either with an air gun or an aerosol can. Let it dry, then sand lightly with 220-grit sandpaper. Apply two or three clear finish coats by spraying, sanding each coat lightly with 220 or finer paper after it dries and before applying the next. Don’t sand the final coat.

How do you paint an old bed frame?

Painting a wooden frame with sanding

  1. Clean the frame with some soap and water.
  2. Remove any dirt or loose paint.
  3. Lightly sand the frame with 150 grit sandpaper, or if the frame is already varnished, an 80 grit sandpaper.
  4. Add the primer/undercoat and allow it to dry.
  5. Start painting once the primer/undercoat is dry.

What was the nickname of Jenny Lind?

Swedish Nightingale
Jenny Lind/Nicknames
Born in 1820, Lind became an opera sensation at age 18. She befriended Frederic Chopin and Felix Mendelssohn; Hans Christian Andersen’s unrequited love for her inspired several fairy tales, including one that led to her nickname, the “Swedish nightingale.”

What is a spindle bed?

: a wooden bed with spool-shaped turnings in the spindles and usually in the rails and posts of the headboard and footboard.

Why were old beds so short?

The beds were short because people slept sitting up. This was so they could have their weapons ready (swords most likely) and attack any nighttime intruders. The doors were low so that anyone coming in had to bend down when coming in. This made chopping their heads off much easier.

What kind of furniture is called Jenny Lind?

The style is associated today with children’s furniture: cribs, beds, and dressers identified by distinctive, if simple, turned rails and embellishments. Beds especially are often referred to as “Jenny Lind.”

What did Jenny Lind do for a living?

Celebrity endorsements—sanctioned or not—had been found to boost sales, and 19th-century entrepreneurs had little aversion to stretching the truth. By the time she returned to Europe, Jenny Lind’s name or likeness had been affixed to riding hats, cigars, dolls, perfume, and more.

Where did the name Jenny Lind come from?

By the time she returned to Europe, Jenny Lind’s name or likeness had been affixed to riding hats, cigars, dolls, perfume, and more. Still, the association between spool-turned beds and the name “Jenny Lind” appears to be a 20th-century phenomenon, likely an attempt to conjure a connection to simpler times after the fact.