How can you tell if a Tulip Chair is real?

Authentic Tulip Chairs are manufactured by Knoll International and handmade in Italy. They are stamped with the Knoll logo and have Eero Saarinen’s signature engraved on their underside, as seen below. Knock-off designs will not have any of these original markings and will be plain underneath.

Who made the Tulip Chair?

Eero Saarinen
The Tulip Armchair, which resembles the flower but also a stemmed wineglass, is part of Saarinen’s last furniture series. This one-legged chair was meant to alleviate one of Saarinen’s great concerns: clutter.

Does the Tulip Chair swivel?

The chairs are available with either a swivel or stationary base. And today they are made exactly the same as they were when they first went into production in 1958.

How was the tulip chair made?

The Tulip is a pedestal swivel chair with an aluminum base and a molded fiberglass shell. The use of fiberglass was very innovative at the time, and the material provided a lot of flexibility with formal expression. This allowed Saarinen to achieve a fluently organic piece.

What style is a tulip table?

The Tulip Table. Designed by Finnish-American maker Eero Saarinen for Knoll in 1955, the Tulip Table is exactly what its name implies, an elegant, sculpted dining table inspired by everyone’s favorite Dutch stunner: the tulip.

What is a Burke chair?

The Burke Tulip chairs are the first cousins to Saarinen’s Tulip chairs. The seat has very similar dimensions to Saarinen’s chair, but the pedestal features a four-legged propeller shaped base instead of the circular one seen on Saarinen’s design.

What are tulip chairs made of?

As a result, the base of the tulip chair is of cast aluminum with a rilsan-coated finish to match the upper shell, giving the appearance of a single unit. The upper shell is molded fiberglass, with a reinforced, plastic bonded finish. The upholstered foam cushion is removable with Velcro fastening.

What is a tulip base?

The result was a wide, round, flat base that quickly tapered into a “stem” of sorts that served as the only leg for this collection of tables and chairs. His pedestal tables (which came in dining, coffee, and side sizes) were topped with thin, round or oval surfaces wider than their base.

What kind of chairs go with a tulip table?

The Tulip dining table replica come in a variety of finishes, from the classic marble table top to solid black fiberglass for a striking modern design. You can opt for a color white design and pick a set of Tulip chairs to complete your mid-century dining set.

Who is the designer of the tulip chair?

With the Pedestal Collection, Eero Saarinen resolved the “ugly, confusing, unrestful world” underneath tables and chairs. The collection is a defining accomplishment of modern design and a timeless addition to your home—a true classic.

Can you pair a tulip chair with a Saarinen table?

Pair Tulip Chairs with a Saarinen Table for the quintessential modern dining set, or mix and match for a statement in any room. INTERESTED? CLICK HERE

What is the base of a tulip chair made out of?

The Tulip table bases are made out of powder coated cast aluminum while the Tulip chair seats are made out of ABS plastic and aluminum base. How fast is shipping? In stock items are delivered within 3 – 5 business days while out of stock items are delivered within 4 weeks.