How did the spadefoot get its name?

The name “spadefoot” is derived from the keratinous bone in its hind legs that allow it to burrow within soil. The skin of the toad is grey or brown in appearance and smooth to the touch.

Is a spadefoot a frog or a toad?

The width of the eyelids is approximately the same as the distance between the eyes. The pupils are vertical. Though often called spadefoot toads, spadefoots are not true toads and should therefore simply be called spadefoots.

What does a spadefoot look like?

What they look like: The Great Basin Spadefoot Toad is a small rotund amphibian, with gray or olive-green coloration. The large golden-yellow eyes, with cat-like vertical pupils, are set on the sides of the head. Spadefoots have a bumpy skin but do not look as “warty” as Western Toads.

Why are spadefoot toads endangered?

The biggest threats to the western spadefoot toad is the loss of its habitat, especially for breeding. Climate change also threatens spadefoots as increased drought can lead to higher rates of mortality due to pools drying out sooner. Some spadefoots have been eliminated in parts of their range due to habitat loss.

What do spadefoot tadpoles eat?

Spadefoot tadpoles begin their life cycle by eating vegetative film and organic matter found floating in water. Growing tadpoles eat anything they can get, including insects, other amphibian larvae and plant matter. As they mature they become carnivores.

Are spadefoot toads endangered?

Not extinct
American spadefoot toads/Extinction status

Are Spadefoots poisonous?

Spadefoot Toad FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Are spadefoot toads poisonous? Although it lacks a true parotoid gland, some species of the American spadefoot toad can apparently secrete a noxious substance from its skin to ward off unsuspecting predators.

Where do spadefoot toads lay their eggs?

During their annual breeding season, Great Basin spadefoot toads use wet meadows, ponds, irrigation ditches, and other locations with still or slow-moving water in order to reproduce. Females can lay up to 1,000 eggs, which attach to vegetation in the bottom of the water.

What is the meaning of the word spade foot?

spade foot. noun (1) (Entry 1 of 2) : a terminal enlargement of the straight square furniture leg especially of the late 18th century that sweeps outward in an abrupt curve on each side and then gradually tapers downward. spadefoot. noun (2) variants: or spadefoot toad. plural spadefoots or spadefoot toads.

What kind of toad has a spade like foot?

spadefoot – a burrowing toad of the northern hemisphere with a horny spade-like projection on each hind foot.

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