How difficult is EBC Trek?

The difficulty level of the Everest Base Camp is moderate. The trekking time often requires two weeks. Even though the EBC Trek requires no prior trekking expertise, it is suggested that the trekker should be determined and be physically fit.

How do I prepare for EBC Trek?

Training for Everest Base Camp should include improving cardio endurance, strength endurance, and being comfortable carrying a daypack uphill for long periods at a time. At least 8-12 weeks before your trek, you should begin hiking or taking long walks at least 1 day per week (focus on duration more than distance).

How many days Everest Base Camp Trek?

12 days
On average, it takes between 11 and 14 days to trek round trip to Everest Base Camp. Most people will do it in 12 days: 8 days to hike from Lukla to Everest Base Camp and then 4 days to trek back to Lukla.

Can you see Mt Everest from base camp?

While you can’t see Mount Everest from Base Camp – there are other insanely tall mountains blocking your view – from day one of the hike, you’ll have great views of the world’s tallest mountain so you’ll have lots of snaps of Mount Everest from other parts of the hike.

What should I bring to EBC trek?

EBC Packing List

  • Base Layers. As the first layer of clothing you wear, the base layer is important for higher altitudes and colder parts of the trek.
  • Insulation Layer.
  • Outer Layer.
  • Trekking Trousers and Shorts.
  • Trekking Shirts.
  • Waterproof Jacket and Trousers.
  • Beanie.
  • Neck Gaiter.

Can you just hike to Everest base camp?

Although the trek to Everest Base Camp is straightforward, you must train prior to departure to make your trip as enjoyable as possible. While the trek is achievable you need to be prepared to hike for the full 14 days for around 4-5 hours on hilly terrain, with some hill climbs of around 600m elevation gain.