How do above ground pool cover clips work?

Cover Clips keep your above ground pool cover in place. These handy fasteners are tough! They grip your top rail like a clothespin and hold your cover tightly in place. Use two clips per upright.

What can I use to hold my pool cover down?

Water bags are the easiest and most effective way to hold down your winter pool cover. Built from heavy-duty vinyl designed to withstand sub-zero temperatures, water bags provide peace of mind. Once installed, you know your pool cover will be secure all winter long.

How do you attach a pool cover to a deck?

You will need to drill the hardware to the deck so that you can conveniently place your pool cover over it. When you pull the cover over, you can strap it to the grommets or hardware in the deck. You will need to install the straps around it evenly, but the hard part of installing it is getting the last straps fixed.

What are coping strips?

Overlap pool liner coping strips are plastic, non-corrosive clips that hold your pool liner in place on the pool wall before you reinstall the top rail. You should replace the coping strips on your above ground swimming pool every time you replace your overlap pool liner.

How do you put a pool cover on?


  1. Remove all swimming pool ladders and handrails.
  2. Measure the pool and the pool cover.
  3. Place cover over the pool carefully so you do not snag or damage the pool cover.
  4. Mark the anchor points at the center of each wall.
  5. Attach straps to the springs, then place the springs on the anchors.

What are coping strips for above ground pools?

What is the best rated winter pool cover?

Best Winter Pool Cover Reviews 1 Blue Wave Bronze 8-Year 18-ft Round Above Ground Pool Winter Cover 2 In the Swim 8-Year 24 Ft Round Pool Winter Cover 3 Pool Mate 351833-4PM Heavy-Duty Winter Cover for Oval Above Ground Swimming Pool

How do you cover a swimming pool?

You could use an automatic cover pump on the cover for as long as water getting on the tarp fall through spring. Scatter 1/2 full water bags around the edges of the pool, out of your way. Center the cover over the pool. Press the cover edges down so it lies on the water, and the remainder lies on the deck.

What is a pool cover clip?

Pool cover clips are reusable cover lock clips to secure your aboveground pool cover to your pool top ledge. Easy to install, durable and reusable, winter cover clips also help keep your cover taut over the pool, preventing wrinkles and folds in the material that traps water and debris, and ultimately weakens your aboveground pool cover.