How do I access HPE OneView?

Accessing the HPE OneView Maintenance Console from the frame link module

  1. Connect locally to the HPE Synergy Console.
  2. Select the Screen icon at the top right of the page.
  3. Select an HPE Synergy Composer from the Appliances menu.
  4. Press Enter.
  5. At the login prompt, log in using the following username:

Which HPE OneView user role can restore an HPE OneView appliance?

Infrastructure administrator
An Infrastructure administrator can also manage information provided by the appliance in the form of activities, notifications, and logs. Only an Infrastructure administrator can restore an appliance from a backup file.

How do I change my OneView password?

Re: HPE OneView – reset Administrator password Once you see the HPE OneView login screen, use CTRL+ALT+F1 key sequence. You will see a typical Linux shell login prompt. Type in maintenance here. In the following menu, you will see the menu option to reset administrator password.

How do I add a user to OneView?

Adding a user On the “Users and Directory Groups” page, click the add icon. Select the type “Local Users”. Enter a login name, full name (Optional), and initial password. To enable Single Sign-On (SSO) for this user, enter the same login name and password that is used tolog in to the remote HPE OneView instance.

What does HPE OneView use for device authentication?

2-Factor Authentication (CAC/PIV) Provides the ability to authenticate using smartcards. Smart cards supported include Common Access Card (CAC)/Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards. The feature is integrated with HPE OneView’s Active Directory support.

What is HPE OneView for VMware vCenter?

HPE OneView for VMware vCenter contains powerful provisioning tools that are directly accessible from the vCenter console. These tools allow administrators to create and expand compute and storage resources to support your virtualized environment.

How do I set up a OneView server?

In the Server Hardware screen click the +Add Server Hardware button. In the Add Server Hardware screen add the ILO4 IP address or FQDN together with the Administrator credentials. Click the Add button to start the discovery or click the Add+ button to continue adding other Proliant DL Gen8 servers.

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Where to find the documentation for HPE OneView?

HPE OneView Help Where to find HPE OneView documentation Enable off-appliance browsing of UI help Understanding the security features of HPE OneView Security-hardened appliance Best practices for maintaining a secure appliance Creating a login session Authentication for appliance access

What does EOS stand for in HPE OneView?

** EOS = End of Support (EOS) defines the last day where a patch may be available for a release. Use the following tables below to determine the upgrade paths for HPE OneView, excluding HPE Synergy. Yes cells indicate a supported upgrade path.

How to use the HPE OneView synergy appliance?

Activate the standby appliance Connect to the HPE Synergy console Connect to the HPE Synergy console with a keyboard, video monitor, and mouse Connect to the HPE Synergy console with a notebook computer Prepare a USB flash drive for reimaging an appliance Reimage the appliance with the preloaded USB drive

How does HPE OneView automation work on ProLiant DL?

Discover a quick and easy way to identify critical security updates at scale. This feature automates compliance reporting and protects against configuration drift. Now available for ProLiant DL and Apollo servers, HPE OneView automation allows IT administrators to provision storage in minutes with just a few clicks.