How do I add Facebook photo album to WordPress?

Embed a Facebook album in WordPress website

  1. Go to ‘Facebook Albums’
  2. Click ‘Add New’ or click edit of an existing album.
  3. Copy the WordPress shortcode displayed in the top right bar.

How do I get the link to a Facebook album?

Log in to your Facebook account and go to your photos or album with the photos you want to share. After opening the album with the pictures, scroll down to the bottom end of the page and click the Public Link option.

How do I upload an album to WordPress?

Simply create a new post or edit an existing one. You will see a new Add Album button on the post editor next to the Add Gallery button. Clicking on the Add Album button will bring up a pop-up where you can select the album you just created. That’s all, you can now visit your website and see your album in action.

How do I download my photo albums from Facebook to my computer?

Here’s how:

  1. Log in to Facebook and go to your profile.
  2. Click on the “Photos” tab and then “Albums.”
  3. Select the album you want to download and then click on the three horizontal dots on the album.
  4. Select “Download Album.”
  5. Facebook will notify you when they collect all the images and videos from the album.

How do I put a picture on Facebook from my website?

Easy Way to Display Facebook Photos on Your Website

  1. Step 1: Download and Install Custom Facebook Feed Pro.
  2. Step 2: Create Your Facebook Photo Feed.
  3. Step 3: Connect to Your Facebook Page or Group.
  4. Step 4: Customize Your Facebook Photo Feed.
  5. Step 5: Display Your Facebook Photos on WordPress.

How do I embed a photo in Facebook?

Embed a Facebook Photo Album or Post

  1. Create a Facebook post featuring photos taken from the event or topic you want to showcase.
  2. Navigate to your Page’s Facebook timeline.
  3. Click the three dots on the right-hand side of your post and select “embed” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select the code presented in the pop-up window.

How do I share a Facebook photo album?

Go to your Page, and select the Photos app box. Select the album you want to share. Click the Share link below the images. If you share in a private message, the link to the photo or album will go to the recipient’s Messages section.

How do you link a photo on Facebook?

How to Share the URL for a Facebook Image

  1. Navigate your browser to the Facebook image that you want to share.
  2. Right-click the image and click the option to copy its URL.
  3. Click the “Home” link in the screen’s upper right corner to open the Facebook homepage.

Can you save whole albums from Facebook?

Facebook now lets you download your entire photo albums – here’s how to do it. Facebook has enabled a feature that lets you download your entire photo albums.

How to embed a Facebook album in WordPress?

Every Facebook album comes with an embed link which can be used to add that album to your WordPress posts and pages. Let’s see how to do it. From your Facebook page, go to photo albums and click the album you want to embed. At top right corner, click the three dots menu next to Edit and Tag menu options.

How to add Facebook photo gallery in WordPress?

Adding Facebook photo album gallery in your WordPress posts is a great way to boost your page likes by letting your readers know about it. It is also a perfect method to boost social engagement for your blog. Let’s see different methods to embed Facebook albums in WordPress manually and by using plugins.

How do I update album photos in WordPress?

You have to manually update the album photos on your WordPress site by clicking a button in the plugin settings. The whole point of installing this plugin was to enable the client to post photos on the website without having to go into the WordPress admin.

How do I connect my Facebook page to my WordPress page?

From here you need to enter your license key which can found under your account on the Smash Balloon website. Next, you need to click on the ‘Configuration’ tab and then click on the big blue button to connect your Facebook account. You’ll be able to choose whether you want to connect to a Facebook page or a group.