How do I add maps to my Garmin Edge 520?

How do I load A Route Onto The Edge 520?

  1. Plug in your Garmin.
  2. On the website, navigate to your route or ride.
  3. Go to the Export tab.
  4. Click TCX Course or FIT Course.
  5. If your computer prompts you to save the file to a specific location, place it somewhere memorable like the desktop.

Can you get maps on Garmin 520?

However, the Garmin Edge 520 supports that you install your own maps! And, thanks to OpenStreetMap, you can get a detailed bike map of your region for free. To install maps on the Garmin Edge 520 you need to take a couple of steps. The process is really easy and I’ll walk you through it with easy instructions.

How do I add maps to my Garmin Edge?

First, connect your Edge device to your computer using the USB cable it came with (since that allows transfer for data). Then select that file and then select ‘Copy’. Now simply paste that into the ‘Garmin’ folder on your watch. Do NOT copy/paste the entire .

How do I get the map on my Garmin 520 plus?

Displaying a Course on the Map

  1. Select Menu > Navigation > Courses.
  2. Select the course.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Select Always Display to make the course appear on the map.
  5. Select Color, and select a color.
  6. Select Course Points to include course points on the map.

How do I install street maps on my Garmin Edge?

Frequently asked – How To Install Free OSM Maps On Your Garmin GPS – In short!

  1. Download a map like “US-Pacific” (figure below).
  2. Open the download folder (folder depends on your setup; Windows-Explorer, Mac-Finder).
  3. Unzip the file “otm-us-pacific.
  4. You get a new file “otm-us-pacific.
  5. Rename the “otm-us-pacific.

How do I download street maps to my Garmin?

Follow these four easy steps and you’ll be ready to go in no time!

  1. 1 – Download the file. Go to and click on the bottom-left square: Maps for Garmin GPS-Receivers.
  2. 2 – Unzip the file.
  3. 3 – Transfer the file to your Garmin GPS.
  4. 4 – Enable the map on your Garmin GPS.
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How do I change the map on my Garmin Edge 520?

Select Menu > Settings > Activity Profiles, select a profile, and select Map.

Does Garmin Edge come with maps?

The Edge 820, 1000, Explore 820/1000, Touring, and Touring Plus all come with preloaded Garmin Cycle Maps. Since these devices come with maps included, purchasing extra maps may only be needed when traveling outside the map coverage area or when TOPO maps are desired.

How can I get Garmin maps for free?

on how to install the free maps on Windows.

  1. Run the “bat” file as described on the GMapTool site.
  2. Open Garmin Basecamp to ensure that the maps have been installed.
  3. Use the free Garmin MapInstall program to send the maps to your device.
  4. Or use the maps at, Download your map first.

Does Garmin Edge 520 have navigation?

Mapping and navigation using the Garmin Edge 520 The 520 comes set up with a ‘basemap’ – which is pretty much the epitome of lacking detail. However, you can download a route onto your Garmin, and receive ‘turn left’ / ‘turn right’ navigation alerts.

How to overwrite a map on a Garmin Edge 520?

Now you’re ready to copy the new map on your Garmin Edge 520. Copy it over into the Garmin folder and give the ‘overwrite’ question a ‘yes’. If you don’t get this prompt, you are either in the wrong folder or have the filename wrong and it will not work. Make sure the new file’s name is exactly as you see the old one.

What does fiets mean on Garmin Edge 520?

If you’re wondering, ‘fiets’ is Dutch for ‘bike’. If you miss this step, the map you get will not be completely useless, but the bike only maps are actually smaller, so you can fit more on and have the information not to send you on a highway. The next step is to move to the area that you want to have on your Edge 520.

How do I download maps to my Garmin Edge?

1) Download the map section of interest per the ‘Part 1: Downloading the Maps’ section 2) Plug-in your Garmin Edge to your computer. 3) Within the Garmin folder on the Edge, you’ll find a bunch of.IMG (image) files. These are the pre-loaded map and elevation files.

What’s the difference between Garmin Edge 520 and 820?

Mapping and navigation using the Garmin Edge 520 The major difference between the Garmin 520 and its big brother, the Garmin 820, is that the smaller brother of the two does not included detailed maps and navigation. The 520 comes set up with a ‘basemap’ – which is pretty much the epitome of lacking detail.