How do I advertise my tires?

Auto Industry Marketing Tips: 17 Ways to Sell More Tires Using Engaging In-Store Content

  1. Go Digital.
  2. Educate About Tire Wear and Tear.
  3. Explain How to Buy Tires.
  4. Assist the Autonomous Shopper.
  5. Provide Interactive Research Portals.
  6. Repurpose Existing Content.
  7. Utilize Seasonal Content.
  8. Automate Your Content Using Weather Parting.

What promotional items are the best?

What Are the Most Popular Promotional Items? [Infographic]

  • Environmentally-Friendly Promotional Products.
  • Tech – Promotional USB Drives.
  • Promotional Outerwear.
  • Custom Tote Bags.
  • Custom Printed T-Shirts.
  • Custom Promotional Drinkware.
  • Work From Home Products.
  • Custom Printed Hats and Headwear.

Is selling tires a good business?

Retail sales of used tires can be quite profitable, considering that more often than not there is zero cost of the tires. Even though selling used tires is not illegal, the law is very critical on your responsibility to ensure that the tire is in safe condition when sold.

Do tire salesmen make commission?

Tires are a low-margin item, so it’s hard for a store to make much money just selling rubber. So when you come to the counter and ask for tires, the tire salesman is going to look for every way he can to make money. Most of the chains are commission-based, which changes the motivation of the salesman.

Is there profit in selling tires?

Gently used tires sell for up to half their initial cost, while more worn tires sell for much less. Despite these low prices, businesses can still earn a handsome profit. For each tire sold, many businesses charge an additional $15 to $45 to mount and balance the tire.

How can I make money selling tires?

9 Ways to Sell Used Tires for Cash

  1. Sell Locally on Craigslist.
  2. List Your Tires on a Specialized Tire Classified Site.
  3. Sell Used Tires to Your Local Tire Shop.
  4. Haul Away Used Tires from Local Tire Stores.
  5. Sell Your Tires to a Retread Facility.
  6. Visit a Tire Recycling Center.
  7. Recycle Used Tire Rims For Cash.

What does the average tire salesman make?

What Is the Average Tire Salesman Salary by State

State Annual Salary Monthly Pay
California $38,263 $3,189
Vermont $37,708 $3,142
Oklahoma $37,468 $3,122
Wyoming $37,136 $3,095

How can I be a good tire salesman?

Here’s how:

  1. 1- Be PASSIONATE!
  2. 2 – Make Sure Your Customers See Tires on Display.
  3. 3- For Your Customer’s Safety Make Sure You Check Every Tire Every Time.
  4. 4- Educate Your Customers About Tire Safety and Performance.
  5. 5- The $3 Million OE Tire vs the NOT OE Tire.
  6. 4/32” Tires Are Dangerous.

What are some promotional tools?

The four main tools of promotion are advertising, sales promotion, public relation and direct marketing.

What are the promotional items for recycled tires?

We are proud to be first to market with our line of recycled tire promotional items, including recycled tire key tags, recycled tire logo mugs, and recycled logo pens. Wheel Shaped 24 Oz. HydroPouch!

What can I get with a tire shaped logo?

All of our tire shaped logo giveaways are available at no additional charge. We offer both the low cost tire air fresheners, tire shaped Koozie can holders, promotional tire shaped key tags, as well as tire shaped desk and wall clocks.

What’s the best way to sell more tires?

Why not shoot for 25% or 30% and triple or quadruple your tire sales (and retention). You can do it if you really put your mind to it. Here’s how: 1- Be PASSIONATE! Brag about Your Tires, Your Facilities, Your Techs. Let Customers Know that You Know Tires; You Sell The Best Tires & Provide The Best Service.

Which is the best tire for your car?

The Best Tires for most customers is the OE tire. That’s the tire that vehicle manufacturer in concert with the tire company spent an average of $3 million to perfect for their specific make and model. The NOT ( N ot O E T ire) is the competitor’s tire.