How do I become a wildland firefighter in Florida?

Minimum Qualifications Firefighters must have completed all of the following courses: I-100, Introduction to ICS. S-130, Basic Wildland Firefighting. S-190, Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior, or Florida Fire Behavior (FFB) training.

How do you become a forest ranger in Florida?

All forest rangers must have a high school diploma or equivalent and must meet Florida Forest Service health and physical fitness requirements. For more information about this and other Florida Forest Service careers, visit Opportunities for employment in 15 field units throughout Florida.

How many national forests are in Florida?

three national forests
The National Forests in Florida manage three national forests: the Apalachicola, Osceola and Ocala.

Who owns the National Forests in Florida?

U.S. Forest Service
U.S. Forest Service – National Forests in Florida. The Forest Service manages a system of 155 national forests, 20 national grasslands, and 222 research and experimental forests, as well as other special areas, covering more than 192 million acres of public land.

How much do wildland firefighters make in Florida?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $63,783 and as low as $12,672, the majority of Forest Firefighter salaries currently range between $24,077 (25th percentile) to $40,973 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $53,223 annually in Florida.

Do Florida forest rangers carry guns?

LEOs are the forest rangers. They enforce federal (and some state) laws and regulations governing national forest lands and resources. As federal law enforcement officers, they carry firearms and other defensive equipment. They also make arrests, execute search warrants, and testify in court.

How much do park rangers make per hour?

How much does a Park Ranger Law Enforcement make hourly in the United States? The average hourly wage for a Park Ranger Law Enforcement in the United States is $21 as of September 27, 2021, but the salary range typically falls between $18 and $26.

Are there wooded areas in Florida?

Florida has three National Forests: Apalachicola, Ocala and Osceola. It also has 38 state forests and one ranch. Explore their one-of-a-kind wonders. Three national forests lie within Florida’s borders, providing habitat to countless plant and animal species, some of which are found nowhere else on the planet.

How much of Florida is forested?

List by state, district, or territory

Rank State, district or territory Percent forest (2016)
26 Florida 50.68%
27 Kentucky 49.35%
28 Wisconsin 48.98%
29 Oregon 48.51%

What is the biggest national forest in Florida?

The Apalachicola National Forest
The Apalachicola National Forest, established in 1936, is the largest national forest in Florida at 571,088 acres with 2,735 acres of water.

What do you call a forest firefighter?

They work in various capacities under a variety of job titles including forest fire warden, forest ranger, forest ranger technician, forestry technician (fire), wildland firefighter, and forest fire inspector and prevention specialist.

Where is the National Forest in Florida?

In descending order of forest land area it is located in parts of Liberty, Wakulla, Leon, and Franklin counties. [1] The forest is headquartered in Tallahassee , as are all three National Forests in Florida, but there are local Forest ranger district offices located in Bristol and Crawfordville .

What is Florida’s National Forest?

A national forest located Florida. The Apalachicola National Forest is the largest U.S. National Forest in the state of Florida. It encompasses 632,890 acres (988.89 sq mi; 2,561.2 km 2) and is the only national forest located in the Florida Panhandle .

What are all of the National Forests?

The shared national forests include Uinta-Wasatch-Cache (Utah and Wyoming), Wallowa-Whitman (Oregon), Kootenai (Montana), and Bitterroot (Montana). Other national forests within the state include Salmon-Challis (largest national forest in Idaho), Boise , Nez Perce, and Idaho Panhandle .