How do I contact the clerk of the court in Florida?

For general information, call 305-275-1155 for the Automated Voice Response System DIAL.

How do I look up a court case in Florida?

Visit the Florida Courts website to access court locations in the state. Upon locating the address of the appropriate court, the next step is to make a request to the keeper of records in the court. Court records are typically in the custody of the Clerk of Court.

How do I get a copy of my Florida marriage license?

Request certified copies for Marriage Licenses You can request certified copies online or by mail. You can visit state of Florida Vital Statistics Office at 904-359-6900 ext. 9000 to find the date on a marriage license or the county where the license was issued.

Are Florida court records public?

Under the law, the public has a presumptive right of access to all court records in the custody of the court clerk, including case dockets, transcripts, motions filed by the parties to a lawsuit, exhibits filed with the court as evidence, and records of depositions filed with the court.

What is a clerk number?

The Clerk’s File Number is a sequential identifier assigned by the Clerk’s Office to the first page of a recorded document. The second component of the Clerk’s File Number represents the sequence assigned to the document at the time it is filed.

How do I obtain my criminal record in Florida?

To look at criminal records, visit the Florida Criminal History Record Check website, which is maintained by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Public access to this information costs $25 per record check. The most helpful tool is the Instant Search, where files are retrieved after entering a person’s name.

Who is the Clerk of court Orange County Florida?

The office of the Orange County Clerk of Courts, led by Tiffany Moore Russell, maintains more than 47 million digital court documents, as well as millions of paper records for the 9th Judicial Circuit Court. As the information hub of the Justice System, online access to records managed by the office can be accessed through the My e-clerk website.

Where is the Clerk of court in Orange County Florida?

Orange County Clerk of Courts . 425 N. Orange Avenue, Suite 150. Orlando, FL 32801. You may also submit your form in person to any Clerk’s Office location, please click here for locations and hours.

What is a county clerk of court?

A county clerk is an elected or appointed official who handles a wide range of duties, from overseeing all elections to serving as chief clerk of the county court system. He or she maintains birth, marriage, and death records, and is responsible for legal publications.

What is a clerk of court?

A clerk of courts is a person responsible for recording the activities and statements of those taking part in the actions of a court. As an important part of the judicial system, the clerk of courts must maintain all records and administer oaths to witnesses and jurors.