How do I drop a user in Oracle?


  1. Purpose.
  2. Use the DROP USER statement to remove a database user and optionally remove the user’s objects. When you drop a user, Oracle Database also purges all of that user’s schema objects from the recycle bin.
  3. Prerequisites.
  4. Syntax.
  5. drop_user::=
  6. Semantics.
  7. user.

How can I tell who dropped a user in Oracle?

1 Answer

  1. You can query v$segment_statistics joined to v$statname to look at a variety of statistics about the table segments.
  2. You can query dba_hist_seg_stat rather than v$segment_statistics .
  3. You can look at dba_dependencies to see if any objects depend on objects owned by the user in question.

How do you drop a user in PL SQL?

If the user does not own any objects in its schema, you could execute the following DROP USER statement: DROP USER smithj; This would drop the user called smithj. This DROP USER statement will only run if smithj does not own any objects in its schema.

How do I drop a user in SQL Plus?

If you want to delete a user account and its associated schema, you can log in as SYSTEM and use the DROP USER command as shown in the following example: >. \bin\sqlplus /nolog SQL> connect SYSTEM/fyicenter Connected. SQL> DROP USER DEV CASCADE; User dropped.

How do I drop a table in Oracle?


  1. First, indicate the table and its schema that you want to drop after the DROP TABLE clause.
  2. Second, specify CASCADE CONSTRAINTS clause to remove all referential integrity constraints which refer to primary and unique keys in the table.

How do I drop all objects in a schema in Oracle?

The query below will return a statement that can be used to drop all the tables which are present in the current user A’s schema (normal scenario). select ‘drop ‘||object_type||’ ‘|| object_name || ‘;’ from user_objects where object_type in (‘VIEW’,’PACKAGE’,’SEQUENCE’, ‘PROCEDURE’, ‘FUNCTION’, ‘INDEX’);

How do I drop a sequence in Oracle?

The syntax to a drop a sequence in Oracle is: DROP SEQUENCE sequence_name; sequence_name. The name of the sequence that you wish to drop.

What happens when we drop a table in Oracle?

Dropping a table removes the table definition from the data dictionary. All rows of the table are no longer accessible. All indexes and triggers associated with a table are dropped. All synonyms for a dropped table remain, but return an error when used.

How do I drop a SQL schema?

Use the DROP SCHEMA command to drop a schema. When you drop a schema, you drop all the objects defined within that schema. You cannot drop a schema if it is being accessed in other user sessions or if it is the default schema of the database.