How do I find a case on Westlaw?

Westlaw Cases Search Select the ‘Cases’ link at the top of the screen. This takes you to the search page, where you can search by free text terms, subject/keyword terms, party names and citation.

Is Westlaw part of Thomson Reuters?

Westlaw is an online legal research service and proprietary database for lawyers and legal professionals available in over 60 countries….Westlaw.

Type Subsidiary
Parent Thomson Reuters

What is Westlaw UK used for?

Westlaw UK is a comprehensive online legal research service, including UK case law, UK legislation, eJournals, eBooks, current awareness services, EU case law, legislation and treaties, and news and business information.

Does Westlaw have international cases?

Westlaw contains a limited number of resources covering international and comparative law. Cases, Documents, Treaties: United States Treaties and Other International Agreements. United States Treaties in Force.

How do you find unpublished cases on Westlaw?

Since an unpublished case does not have a reporter citation (e.g. 280 F. 3d 1027), Westlaw and Lexis provide an unique identifier that serves as a substitute for a reporter citation. You can type 2016 WL 3316618 in the search box to retrieve the following unpublished 7th Circuit case on Westlaw.

Where can I read court cases UK?

Where can I find English Cases online?

  • HeinOnline, English Reports (1220-1867)
  • House of Lords Cases (1996-2009)
  • Supreme Court (pending and decided cases)
  • British and Irish Legal Information Institute.
  • Westlaw (HTML only)
  • LexisNexis (HTML only)

How do I use Westlaw UK?

To access Westlaw UK on campus, use the link on your university intranet. To access Westlaw UK off campus go to and log in via Athens or your Home Organisation. For more help signing on to Westlaw UK, please contact your university library.

How much is Westlaw UK?

Starts at $59/Month.

How do I find international cases?

Find cases on international law by topic, etc.

  1. ILR, International Law Reports, JustisOne.
  2. ILR, International Law Reports.
  3. Annual Digest and Reports of Public International Law Cases, 1919/22-1949.
  4. Oxford Reports on International Law.
  5. Westlaw.
  6. Lexis+

What do you need to know about Westlaw UK?

Westlaw UK: The leading legal research service. Westlaw UK is a dynamic, ever-growing and easily searchable source of case law, legislation, news, legal journals, commentary, current awareness alerts and EU legal materials. Westlaw UK: Request a trial. Please fill out all required fields before submitting your request.

Can a high profile case be published on Westlaw UK?

You know if a high profile case is published they need it the very next day. They can trust that we’ll do that. For each case on Westlaw UK there is a case digest with it that’s had a lot of treatment from the production team and from the writing team.

Is there A Case Digest on Westlaw UK?

For each case on Westlaw UK there is a case digest with it that’s had a lot of treatment from the production team and from the writing team. The high level of care that we’ve got for each record means that we repeatedly go over them to make sure that we’ve got it right for customers.