How do I find the default database name in Oracle?

Here are three ways to find out your Oracle database name.

  1. Through V$DATABASE. SQL> select name from V$database; NAME ——— XE.
  2. Through GLOBAL_NAME. GLOBAL_NAME has the default value of db_name + db_domain.
  3. Through dbms_utility.get_parameter_value.
  4. Summary.

What are the default Oracle accounts?

ORACLE creates a default account with the user ID “ORADBA” and password “ORADBAPASS”. It is best practice to remove default accounts, if possible. For accounts required by the system, the default password should be changed. This account grants user level access to the system.

What is the default schema in Oracle?

The name of the default schema used by Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service is called the Host Schema and can be found from the Oracle Application Express About option.

What is V database?

V$DATABASE displays information about the database from the control file. If the control file was re-created using the CREATE CONTROLFILE statement, then this column displays the date that the control file was re-created.

What is the default admin name for Oracle?

Table 8-2 Oracle9i Default Accounts and Passwords

Username Password More Information
CTXSYS CTXSYS Oracle Text Reference
DBSNMP DBSNMP Oracle Intelligent Agent User’s Guide
LBACSYS LBACSYS Oracle Label Security Administrator’s Guide
MDSYS MDSYS Oracle Spatial User’s Guide and Reference

What is the default password for Oracle Database?

The default password for the HR , sys and system accounts is oracle . The Unix password for the oracle user is also oracle .

What is XS null user in Oracle?

(XS$NULL is an internal account that represents the absence of a user in a session. Because XS$NULL is not a user, this account can only be accessed by the Oracle Database instance. XS$NULL has no privileges and no one can authenticate as XS$NULL, nor can authentication credentials ever be assigned to XS$NULL.)

What is the default Oracle admin user?

Oracle Default Username and Password

User Name Default Password Additional Information
MDDATA MDDATA Used by Oracle Spatial Feature
MDSYS MDSYS The Oracle Spatial and Oracle Multimedia Locator administrator account
MGMT_VIEW MGMT_VIEW Used by Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control

What is the difference between database and schema?

A database is the main container, it contains the data and log files, and all the schemas within it. You always back up a database, it is a discrete unit on its own. Schemas are like folders within a database, and are mainly used to group logical objects together, which leads to ease of setting permissions by schema.

What is difference between schema and user in Oracle?

In Oracle, USER is the account name, SCHEMA is the set of objects owned by that user. Even though, Oracle creates the SCHEMA object as part of the CREATE USER statement and the SCHEMA has the same name as the USER but they are note the same thing.

When does Oracle create a default database user?

Oracle creates a number of default database users or schemas when a new database is created. Below are a few of them: Can change password? Used by the PL/SQL gateway that enables a Web browser to invoke a PL/SQL stored procedure through an HTTP listener.

Are there any default accounts in Oracle9i Database?

Oracle9iinstalls with a number of default accounts. Database Configuration Assistant locks and expires all default database accounts upon successful installation with the following exceptions: SYS SYSTEM

What is the default time zone for Oracle Database?

Consider what time zones your database must support. Oracle Database uses one of two time zone files as the source of valid time zones. The default time zone file is timezonelrg.dat. It contains more time zones than the other time zone file, timezone.dat.

How to change the default service in Oracle?

To change the default service you connect to, change the default value of instance. Therefore, change the default value of shell-variable ORACLE_SID. You do it in the OS user config file such as .profile or similar config files.