How do I fix No symbols have been loaded for this document?

“No Symbols have been loaded for this document” Go to the Modules window (Debug > Windows > Modules) and check whether your module is loaded. If your module is loaded, check the Symbol Status column to see whether symbols have been loaded. If symbols are not loaded, check the symbol status to diagnose the issue.

How do you fix the breakpoint will not currently be hit no symbols have been loaded for this document?

I tried the following:

  1. Ensure debug configuration, debug flag, and full debug information are set on all assemblies.
  2. Delete all bin and obj folders and all DLL files related to the project from my entire machine.
  3. Recreate projects causing the problem from scratch.
  4. Reboot.

How do I add symbols to remote Debugging?

Go to Tools->Options->Debugging->Symbols and add the path to the . According to documentation, for managed (I tried attaching to a managed windows service (built against . net 4.5) on remote machine with visual studio 2012) the symbols should be on the remote machine.

Why are there Skipped loading symbols?

The option Tools -> Options -> Debugging -> General -> Enable Just My Code (JMC). If this option is enabled the managed debugger will not load symbols for any modules that are optimized. You will see the Skipped loading symbols. If you see the Symbol Load Info for the module it will provide the explanation for it.

How do I load Debug symbols in Visual Studio?

To specify symbol locations and loading options:

  1. In Visual Studio, open Tools > Options > Debugging > Symbols (or Debug > Options > Symbols).
  2. Under Symbol file (.
  3. (Optional) To improve symbol loading performance, under Cache symbols in this directory, type a local folder path that symbol servers can copy symbols to.

How do I change Debug to release in Visual Studio?

1 Answer

  1. From the Build menu: click Build / Configuration Manager, then select Debug or Release.
  2. On the toolbar, choose either Debug or Release from the Solution Configurations list box.

How do you fix the breakpoint will not currently be hit vs2019?


  1. Clean entire solution, rebuild.
  2. Delete breakpoints, clean and rebuild and then add breakpoints and run.
  3. Restarted machine, clean, rebuild.
  4. Deleted manually all Bin folder contents and clean again and rebuild.
  5. Closed VS, deleted ASP.NET temporary files and then restarted VS, clean and build.

How do I load debug symbols in Visual Studio?

How do debug symbols work?

A debug symbol is a special kind of symbol that attaches additional information to the symbol table of an object file, such as a shared library or an executable.

How do I import symbols into Visual Studio?

How do I stop the symbol from loading in Visual Studio?

To turn of loading Microsoft symbols From Visual Studio: Under Visual Studio / Tools / Options/ uncheck Microsoft Symbol Servers so that the pdb’s for Microsoft modules are not loaded.

How do I see loaded symbols in Visual Studio?

Work with symbols in the Modules window You can also monitor symbol loading status, load symbols, and change symbol options in the Modules window. To monitor or change symbol locations or options while debugging: To open the Modules window, while debugging, select Debug > Windows > Modules (or press Ctrl + Alt + U).

Why are symbols not loading in debug mode?

When I click Load all Symbols this is the output I get saying symbol loads have failed – If I run the code to the breakpoint, right click and select the specific method to step into like so – If I look in my SymbolCache folder, there is only a FailedLoads folder with these contents – My project is in debug mode.

What to do when no symbols have been loaded?

There is a Load Symbol button there you can load symbols and change the path. Or else you can copy symbols to the specified path. But sometime it might say that debug information is not matching with the image, meaning debug information and assemblies deployed are not identical. Tools – Option -> Debugging – .

How to check the loading path of symbols?

This is quite a handy way to check the symbols debug files. First, press F5 or start debugging your project. Then you can find the Module Menu under Debug -> Windows -> Module Menu. There you can find the symbol load information and loading path. As you can see you will find Loaded Symbols and path.

How to add symbols to debug output folder?

In the Modules window you can right click and add your Debug output folder to folders where your system looks for symbol files.