How do I fix the sound on my Sony TV?

Check the Speakers setting on the TV. Make sure TV Speakers is selected. Increase the volume of the TV. A power reset or restart of the TV is recommended step and may resolve the sound issue.

Why is my Sony sound system not working?

Try different cables to verify this is not a bad set of cables. Try setting the Audio/Video (A/V) receiver to a different Surround Sound mode. Check each speaker to make sure they are properly connected to the A/V receiver. Perform a Test Tone function to verify if the speakers are working correctly.

How do I fix the volume on my Sony flat screen TV?

Attempt to adjust the volume using the volume control buttons on the front of the TV. Attempt to adjust the volume using the remote control supplied with the TV. If the volume can be adjusted using the volume buttons on the TV, but not the remote control, then reset the remote control to factory specifications.

Why is the sound so low on my Sony TV?

Adjust the Digital Audio Out Volume The Digital audio out volume level on your TV may be the cause of low volume from your audio device. Check the level: On your TV remote control, press the HOME button. Adjust the Digital audio out volume button to your desired value.

How do I fix my TV sound?


  1. Double Check Mute.
  2. Turn Up Volume.
  3. Reboot The TV.
  4. Check For Secondary Audio Protocol.
  5. TV Audio Input Settings.
  6. Switch The TV Channel.
  7. Check Headphone Port.
  8. Check Connection Cables.

Why does my TV sound not work?

Make sure all A/V cable connections are properly connected to the TV. Test the TV using another source like a VCR, DVD player or Blu-ray Disc player. Perform a power reset on the TV. NOTE: For Android TV™ or Google TV™, follow these steps to perform a power reset.

Why does my TV lose sound?

Unsecured television cables could also lead to the absence of any sound from your TV. Someone might have accidentally pulled off a plug cable from the external speaker device, restricting all sound output from your TV. You can get a new cable if any of the TV set cables are damaged.

Why is my sound not working on my TV?

How can I get sound back on my TV?

Increase the volume on the TV and/or your connected media device (streaming player, Blu-ray player, cable or satellite box, etc.). Check the audio settings on your TV and connected devices. Turn off and unplug your TV and connected devices. Inspect the TV cables and ports, then check the ones on your devices as well.