How do I get another set of dog tags?

If you are currently serving in the military and need a replacement set, you can get them issued at no cost. Contact your personnel unit and they can issue them to you or tell you where you can get a set issued. These should only be used in the line of duty.

How can you tell if a military dog tag is real?

Check the order of the information on the dog tag. If your dog tag is an authentic U.S. military dog tag, the information should be in the following order: last name, first name, middle initial, Social Security number, blood type, religion.

Is Mydogtag com reliable?

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Can you get duplicate dog tags?

Because dog tags are issued to military members for identification purposes only, there is no provision for getting replacement dog tags from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard.

Do soldiers keep their dog tags?

The main purpose of the military dog tags is to identify soldiers that are wounded or killed while they are in action. Generally, each soldier is allotted two dog tags. One of them is worn at the neck as a chain and the other is kept inside the shoes of the soldier. These dog tags are made up of T304 stainless steel.

Do all military get dog tags?

Every military personnel gets issued two dog tags, one with a short chain and one with a long chain. Soldiers taken prisoner of war typically are allowed to keep their dog tags, although that may not always be the case.

Is it OK for civilians to wear dog tags?

Usually, dog tags were worn around the neck or laced into the combat boots of military personnel. However, Americans civilians can wear dog tags in any way that they please as long as they do not try to gain any benefits from it.

How many dog tags do you get in the military?

two dog tags
Every military personnel gets issued two dog tags, one with a short chain and one with a long chain. The reasons for having those different chain lengths is significant. After a soldier is killed in battle, fellow soldiers or officers can use the two tags to mark the body.

How do you replace lost military dog tags?

Call or visit the unit supply shop to have lost military dog tags replaced. Most units will have blank dog tags as well as an embosser as a normal supply items. The military dog tags can be replaced easily and quickly if they are lost. By going to supply, the military member may be punished for the loss of the dog tags.

Why does the military issue two dog tags?

Breakaway. The reason that soldiers always wear two dog tags is so that one can be recovered and the other left with the soldier. This is important in situations where speed is a factor. It allows someone to grab one of the tags, which are designed to break away from each other, and then submit it to the proper military authorities to ensure…

What information is on real army dog tags?

Military Dog Tag Formats Last name, first name, middle initial Social Security number, no dashes or spaces, followed immediately by branch Blood type Religion

Why do they call military tags dog tags?

John T Duchesneau, I had military dog tags. Dog tags date back to the Civil War when they were made by soldiers who wanted their body identified if they were killed. They were issued during WWI to help with identification of remains. They were called dog tags because they were similar in appearance to tags worn by…