How do I get AT to bury cable?

Call our Buried Wire Center at 800.924. 9420 Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 6 p.m. ET.

What is ATT WirePro?

AT User Guide. WireProSM and PHONE-PROTECT® are maintenance plans that protect you against costly repairs to your telephone wiring and equipment. WirePro covers repairs to inside wiring and phone jacks, while PHONE-PROTECT covers telephones and. Caller ID units.

What is AT equipment maintenance?

In the event of equipment malfunction or failure of operation as a result of normal use and/or power surges, We will repair or replace one-line or two-line telephone sets that are compatible with a AT analog residential telephone line and/or Caller ID display units and answering machines owned by the You and …

What is AT dispatch fee?

The following fees are effective as of July 1, 2021

Fee U-verse TV AT Phone
Activation Fee $35 $35
Installation Fee Up to $199 Up to $99
Service Repair Dispatch Fee $99 $99
Dispatch on Demand Fee $99 $99

How deep should AT fiber optic cable be buried?

Fiber to the home would be 6-12 inches below ground. Main lines along the street 2-3 feet or deeper.

What is Inside Wire Protection Plan?

Inside Wire Protection is a comprehensive plan designed to safeguard you from costly repairs to your home’s wiring. With Inside Wire Protection, our technicians will repair or replace faulty inside wire components for your AT service at no charge, subject to certain limitations and exclusions.

Does ATT charge for technician?

$99 technician install If you have new service installed. Late Payment Fee Up to $6.50 $9 If you don’t pay your bill by the due date. Non-Return Equipment Fee N/A $150 If you fail to return your equipment after canceling service.

Does AT charge a broadcast fee?

We charge the Broadcast TV fee to provide access to local channel broadcast network programming like ABC, NBC, and CBS. This fee isn’t imposed or required by federal, state, or local governments. Starting January 2020, this fee could be up to $9.99 per month.

How much does it cost to install a cable line?

Cable Outlet Installation Costs

Service Cost
Coaxial Cable Unit $3-$50
Electrician Cost per hour $40-$100
National average $208
Total $75-$500

What are the wires coming into my house?

Those wires are called the service mast. Every home that gets its power supplied from overhead distribution wires must have a service mast.

How deep do they bury Internet lines?

The “rule of thumb” is that it should be buried at a depth that it is unlikely to be damaged. Metal conduit being stronger should be about 12″ deep. PVC conduit CAN be damaged so it is at least 18″ deep. Direct burial cable goes at least 22″ deep to avoid be damaged by rototillers and the average digging process.