How do I get my bank statement from MetaBank?

View our eStatements walk-through on or contact MetaBank customer service by calling 866.559. 5037 or email at [email protected]

What type of bank is MetaBank?

chartered savings bank
MetaBank® is a federally chartered savings bank headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and operates in both the Banking and Payments industries. Meta Financial Group, Inc. ® (NASDAQ: CASH) is the holding company for MetaBank and its divisions.

How do I get my netspend statement?

How do I get my bank statement from netspend? You may request a written history of your transactions at any time by calling us at 1-86-NETSPEND/1-866-387-7363 or writing to us at NetSpend, P.O. Box 2136, Austin, TX 78768-2136.

What is MetaBank customer service number?

1 (866) 550-6382
MetaBank/Customer service

Is MetaBank a checking account?

Your reloadable card. Your basic, free account. Checking plus interest & plenty of perks. Minimum balance to open a MetaBank checking account is $25.

How do I get my bank statement from cash App?

Here are the steps to get a Bank statement from Cash App:

  1. Open Cash App.
  2. Click on the profile icon from the Cash App home screen.
  3. Tap Personal.
  4. Scroll down to the Documents.
  5. Select Monthly Statements.
  6. Choose the month to view the statement.
  7. Download or export in file to your device.
  8. Click back to go to your homepage.

What bank is associated with netspend?

The Bancorp Bank
The Netspend Visa Prepaid Card is issued by The Bancorp Bank, MetaBank®

Who is MetaBank associated with?

Meta Financial Group, Inc.
MetaBank®, N.A., a national bank (“Meta”), is a subsidiary of Meta Financial Group, Inc. ® (Nasdaq: CASH), a South Dakota-based financial holding company. Meta is a leader in providing innovative financial solutions to consumers and businesses in under-served niche markets and believes in financial inclusion for all.

Why did I get a debit card in the mail?

This could happen because the IRS has the wrong bank account information, or you’ve closed the account. If the account was closed, your payment will be reissued and mailed to the most recent address on file with the IRS.