How do I get photos from Facebook API?

2 Answers

  1. Ensure that you are an Admin of the Facebook Page.
  2. In the API Navigator, you can see “/me” will bring up the basic information of yourself.
  3. Try typing in “/me/accounts” to see if you can see anything.
  4. Click on “Get Access Token”
  5. a window will pop-up.
  6. Select “manage_pages”
  7. Click “Get Access Token”

How do I share a photo on Facebook with a link?

Click the “upload image” link under the thumbnail. Select an image from your computer. It’s way more visually appealing! And when others hit “share” on your post, the engaging photo is shared along with the LINK to the article or action page!

How do I post a photo from Facebook Graph API?

$code; $response = file_get_contents($token_url); $params = null; parse_str($response, $params); $access_token = $params[‘access_token’]; // Show photo upload form to user and post to the Graph URL $graph_url= “” . “access_token=” .

How do I find album ID on Facebook?

How To Find Facebook Album ID?

  1. On the create solution, click the “Select Facebook album“.
  2. A pop up will appear to connect your public Facebook page account.
  3. After your account is connected, select your target album.
  4. The “Facebook album ID” must be numerical like the example photo below:

What is Rupload facebook com?

Facebook offers a Resumable Upload API to upload files and use the uploaded media in other API calls. The API allows: Uploading large files (for example, videos and photos) under poor network conditions by resuming an upload reliably and efficiently without re-uploading the entire file.

How do I upload files to graph API?

Upload Document Greater than 4MB Uploading file greater than 4MB is two step process, first you have to create a session and then use upload url to upload file. If you are uploading file greater than 60MB then you will have to break the file down into smaller chunks each chunk should not exceed 60MB.

How to get profile picture url from Facebook?

If you want the JSON of a good quality profile picture with the URL you can use that: 517267866 is the profile ID of one of the above examples. Put the facebook id that you need

How to get Facebook profile picture from graph API?

Also, if you’re linking to the Graph API from an on a SSL-secured page, there’s a parameter you have to add make sure you use http s :// Update: The API has added a parameter – redirect=false – which causes JSON to be returned rather than a redirect.

How to get actual photo URL using Graph API?

That’s why when you retrieve a photo, you may only get created_time, name and id. source field is deprecated in latest API (v2.8). Use images instead. Request the field attachments, where you will find the original image. There seems to be lack of documentation for this. It can simple be achieved in this way.

How to pre cache an image on Facebook?

Pre-cache the image with the Sharing Debugger: Run the URL through the URL debugger to pre-fetch metadata for the page. This can also be used to update the image for a piece of content. Pre-cache the image using Graph API: Perform a force-scrape of the URL programmatically using the Graph API to pre-fetch metadata for the page .