How do I get RG146 compliant?

A Certificate Financial Planning course is ideal for those interested in entry-level roles, as not only does it offer a fast and easy way to become RG146 compliant at the Tier 2 level; but it can also provide a solid foundation from which to advance your career.

What is RG146 compliance?

RG146 Securities ($325) Our RG146 Securities course describes the knowledge and skills required to analyse client needs and to deal ethically and professionally in securities, in compliance with industry regulations and codes of practice. A security is a tradable financial asset.

How long does it take to do RG146?

Course length Learners have six months to complete ASFA’s RG 146 Superannuation course. Those with prior superannuation industry experience may complete the course in less time. The estimated time commitment for the whole course is approximately 20 hours (including self-directed study time).

Is Diploma of Financial Planning RG146?

Our RG146 Diploma of Financial Planning FNS50615 course will provide you with the necessary qualification, training and skills to cover the provision of general and personal advice on a comprehensive range of financial topics, including investment strategies and portfolio structures, retirement planning and …

Who needs RG146 compliant?

ASIC specifies in RG146. 4 that “all natural persons who provide financial product advice to retail clients must meet the training standards (unless they fall within certain limited exemptions).” (The exemptions referenced apply to, for example, accountants, but that is being repealed on 1 July 2016).

What has replaced RG146?

This regime has effectively replaced ASIC RG146 and imposes additional requirements for financial advisers to consider. FASEA is responsible for implementing and overseeing this regime. FASEA will approve qualifications, set the standardised industry exam and CPD requirements and draft the Code of Ethics.

Is RG146 still relevant?

RG 146 does not apply to new or provisional financial advisers. RG 146 continues to apply to people who provide general advice, personal advice on basic banking products, general insurance and/or consumer credit insurance and individuals who provide financial product advice in relation to a time-sharing scheme.

What can I do with a diploma of financial planning?

Potential careers

  • Financial Planner.
  • Financial Adviser.
  • Client Relationship Manager.
  • Estate Planner.
  • Insurance Broker.
  • Investment Adviser.
  • Superannuation Consultant.
  • Wealth Manager.

How do I become a certified financial planner in Australia?

How to become a Financial Planner

  1. Complete a Bachelor of Business (Financial Planning).
  2. Apply to work for financial advisory companies that hold an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) from ASIC.
  3. Gain certification with a recognised organisation such as the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA).

Is PS146 the same as RG146?

Policy Statement 146 (PS146) was introduced under the Financial Services Reform Act 2001 (FSR Act). It prescribes adequate levels of training, competence, and experience for those seen to be giving financial product advice to retail investors. The designation was changed to RG146 by ASIC on 5 July 2007.

How many CPD points do I need for financial planning?

As a professional member you are required to obtain 35 CPD points for every reporting period (The reporting period for all FPI members is twelve (12) months and starts on 1 June each year and ends the following year on 31 May.

How do I become a CFP in Australia?

Your Guide to the CFP® Certification Program.

  1. An approved degree (advanced standing may apply)
  2. An Australian financial degree with a Diploma of Financial Planning.
  3. A non-related or International degree with an Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning.
  4. An Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning and working towards your degree.

What can you do with a RG146 certification?

Better yet, your RG146 training can lead to far more than just a financial planning career; in fact, jobs for those who are RG146 certified can include any of the following: Financial Planner Client Services Consultant Financial Adviser Compliance Officer Product Manager

What do you need to know about TAFE enterprise?

TAFE Enterprise partners with industry and employers to develop customised training solutions, giving your team training that is purpose-fit to how your business operates. Maintain the compliance rating of your business and ensure the safety of your team with TAFE Enterprise training across all areas of compliance, including:

What does RG146 stand for in Regulatory Guide 146?

RG146 stands for Regulatory Guide 146, and is a mandatory licensing regulation required for anyone who sells financial product advice to clients in Australia. This can include advising clients on anything from superannuation, life insurance and securities through to margin lending and managed investments. RG146 was created by…

Do you need RG146 for financial planning in Australia?

If you have your heart set on a career in financial planning in Australia you will be legally required to meet a set of minimum standards known as the RG146 qualification. We’ve got all you need to know in obtaining this financial qualification as well as some quality RG146 courses right here to get you started in your career today.