How Do I Live Chat with FedEx?

Contact us. Need help? Text 29372 to chat with our Virtual Agent.

Does FedEx have a Chat option?

FedEx Customer Service. Representatives are available online Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CST, excluding holidays. * Denotes required fields. Please fill out the fields above, type your question in the box below, and click “Chat now” to proceed.

Does FedEx have a Chat feature?

Our Customer Service Team is on standby to assist you. Please complete the contact information below and hit the ‘Chat’ button below to link directly to a member of our Customer Service Team. Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm.

Why is FedEx so bad lately?

Due to covid-19 impacts, the recent move of FedEx fulfillment center, and the low supply of workers, we are seeing some slight transit (shipping) delays. FedEx is still suffering in part from the loss of the Amazon contract.

Why is FedEx taking so long to deliver?

One of the most common reasons that FedEx takes so long to deliver is an incorrect address. There are several reasons an incorrect address may be on the shipping label. It starts with buyer error. It’s possible that the buyer might have accidentally typed the wrong shipping address into the field.

How do you contact FedEx?

The main number is the same for the general customer support for US customers, but for international customers, the number is 1-800-247-4747. If you need TDD service (Telephone Device for the Deaf), call 1-800-238-4461. If you want to contact FedEx’s corporate offices, you can dial the 800 number or 1-469-980-3000.

How do I talk to FedEx?

The best number to call to reach a human at Fedex Customer Service Department is listed below: Phone number to call: 1-800-463-3339. How to Speak to a Live Person: Call 1-800-463-3339 and you will be directed to an automated voice message system. Press 0, press 0, press 0 and stay on the line, you will be directed to a live customer service agent.

How can I contact FedEx by email?

Navigate to FedEx’s email contact form online. FedEx doesn’t have one email for customer relations. Rather, you must fill out their contact form to send an email. The web address for this form is:

What is FedEx customer service phone number?

The customer service number of FedEx is 800-463-3339