How do I organize my audiobooks in iTunes?

In iTunes, move to the Audiobooks section. Click File > Add Folder to Library. Select the folder for your audiobook and click Select Folder.

Can I buy audiobooks on iTunes?

Discover more ways to listen On a PC, you can buy and listen to audiobooks in iTunes. Use Siri to play audiobooks on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Play audiobooks while you drive with CarPlay.

Where can I find audiobooks in iTunes?

Click the General tab at the top of the Preferences window. The General tab appears. Select the Audiobooks option next to the Show heading and click the OK button. The Audiobooks option then appears in the Source pane in the Library section.

How do I organize my Audible library?

To create a Collection in your Audible library, open the app and tap Library in the bottom menu, then tap Collections. Tap the box next to New Collection. Then name your new Collection and give it a brief description. Next tap Create.

Are there any free audiobooks on iTunes?

Apple iBooks is giving away six free audiobooks to keep people entertained during the holiday seasons. All of these titles are classics and in the public domain. The audiobooks can be played in iTunes for PC or MAC and within iBooks on the iPhone or iPad. These are the titles that are currently available.

Can you play Audible books on iTunes?

To listen to your audiobooks on your computer, you can play them through iTunes but you must “allow” or authorize your Audible account to play on iTunes.

How do I share Apple audiobooks with family?

Download shared purchases from Apple Books

  1. Open the Books app .
  2. Tap. , or your profile picture, at the top right.
  3. Tap the name of a family member under Family Purchases, then tap a category (for example, Books or Audiobooks).
  4. Tap All, Recent Purchases, or a genre, then tap. next to a purchased item to download it.

How do I share Apple Audiobooks with family?

Where are audiobooks stored in the iTunes Store?

With the split of iTunes into four apps, the way audiobooks are managed is different. If you have audiobooks from Audible or from the iTunes Store – technically the Books Store – you have no choice: they can only be stored in the books app.

How to manage audiobooks in a post iTunes World?

But if you have a collection of audiobooks that you have ripped, or downloaded without DRM, then you have two options for managing audiobooks in a post-iTunes world. You can move your audiobooks to the Books app, which offers a number of features for playback that are more appropriate for listening to spoken word.

Where can I listen to audio books on my iPhone?

Or you can keep your audiobooks in your Music library. If you rip audiobook CDs, their files can stay in your Music library, and you can listen to them in the Music app, sync them to an iOS device, and even put them in your iCloud Music Library, if the bit rate is 96 kbps or above.

Can you move audiobooks from music to books?

Note that when you now go to rip new audiobooks, you must do this in the Music app; there is no such option in the Books app. But you can move these audiobook files to the Books app, and each file name shows up as an individual chapter, allowing you to navigate in your audiobooks more easily.