How do I recover my shadowgun Legends account?

To recover your account, linked to Google Play Games, Game Center, or Facebook, tap on the respective button (Goole Play Games, Game Center, or Facebook) and wait for the account selection window to pop up. There, select the account you want to restore. Tap OK and go to your email inbox.

How do you change your name in Dead Trigger 2?

Unfortunately you cannot change your username. All you can do is change your nickname by tapping on the field displaying your name and then changing it.

How do I find my user name?

On Android and iOS: Choose the profile tab located towards the bottom of the app. 2. Your display name is listed towards the top.

How do you restore purchases on RAID shadow legends?

Load the game and click on the Shop. At the bottom right of the shop, you should see a button “Restore Purchases” just above “free cash.” Please note, “consumable” items in the game will not restore.

How do I recover my dead trigger 2 account?

If you don’t remember your username and password, you still might be able to find your account. Go to and enter your email address. If you previously linked your game account to your email address, you will receive an email with your username and link to reset the password.

Is my username my email address?

They’re not. An email name (also known as a sender name) is the name that’s displayed when you send an email. Your email username, however, is your email address.

Where can I find my username?

How do I recover my ETIN User ID?

If you forgot your User ID, you can retrieve it by confirming your identity and providing us with the Password associated with your account. Your User ID will be sent to you in an email.

How do I find my Plarium ID?

How do I find my ID?

  1. Open the game.
  2. Go to “Settings” (bottom right corner) – > “About” tab.
  3. At the bottom you will see your UM ID (um 123)

How do I log out of RAID shadow legends?

if you are on android just go to settings>apps>shadowgun legends>clear data and you should good to go.