How do I recreate a boundary in AutoCAD?

To Re-create the Boundary Object for a Hatch Object

  1. Select the hatch object.
  2. Click Hatch Editor tab Boundaries panel Recreate Boundary.
  3. At the prompt, specify the type of object to create as the new boundary, and whether to associate the boundary with the hatch.
  4. Click Hatch Editor tab Close panel Close Hatch Editor.

How do I change the hatch boundary in AutoCAD?

How to Edit Hatch Objects in AutoCAD

  1. Select the hatch object. AutoCAD opens the Hatch Editor contextual tab on the Ribbon and displays the hatch object’s current settings.
  2. Make any changes you want and watch the real-time preview as you do. When you’re happy, click Close Hatch Editor to retain the changes.

How do you make a hatch without boundaries in AutoCAD?

To Create an Unbounded Hatch

  1. At the Command prompt, enter -HATCH.
  2. Enter p to specify Properties.
  3. Enter the name of the pattern.
  4. Specify the scale and angle for the hatch pattern.
  5. Enter w to specify Draw Boundary.
  6. Enter n to discard the polyline boundary once the hatch area has been defined.

How do you Reassociate a hatch in AutoCAD?

To Redefine a Hatch Boundary

  1. Select the hatch.
  2. Right-click, and click Set Boundary.
  3. Select the linework, and press Enter.
  4. Press Enter to keep the selected linework, or enter y (Yes) to erase it. The selected hatch is applied within all selected boundaries. Transferring a hatch from one boundary to another.

How do you make a hatch boundary?

To Generate a Hatch Boundary

  1. Select the hatch.
  2. Right-click, and click Generate Boundary. All grips are displayed for any polylines created. Generating a hatch boundary.

How do I recreate multiple hatch boundaries?

If you select one hatch and right-click, you get the option to Generate Boundary, but if you select multiple hatches, you do not — unless you just did one, in which case Repeat Generate Boundary will appear in your right-click menu. So generate one, then you can select the rest and repeat.

How do you change hatch boundaries?


  1. Enter HATCHEDIT on the command line.
  2. Select the hatch.
  3. In the Hatch Edit dialog box, click Recreate Boundary.
  4. When you see the prompt “Enter type boundary object”, enter P for polyline or R for region.
  5. When prompted, choose whether or not to associate the hatch with the new boundary.

How do you create boundaries in multiple hatches?

How do you turn a solid into a hatch?

The the following:

  1. Select the Hatch.
  2. Select Recreate Boundary from the ribbon.
  3. At the prompt “Enter type of boundary object” select “Region”.
  4. At the next prompt “Associate hatch with new boundary?” select “Yes”.

How do you create a hatch in AutoCAD?

In selection list “Type” select “Custom”.

  1. In field “Custom Pattern” click the 3 dots-symbol.
  2. The dialog “Hatch Pattern Palette” pops up. Select in the left frame the specific PAT-file and in the right frame the specific hatch pattern. Click Ok.