How do I start Icewm?

# icewm –help IceWM: using /root/. icewm for private configuration files Usage: icewm [OPTIONS] Starts the IceWM window manager. Options: –display=NAME NAME of the X server to use.

Where do I put Icewm themes?

IceWM can be customized using a great variety of themes. You can download them from To install themes simply unpack them into your ~/. icewm/themes/ directory.

What is IceWM session?

icewm-session is an implementation of a X.Org session manager and can be run from a X11 session setup. It runs icewm as default window manager and controls the life cycle of related support applications.

How do you customize IceWM?

How do you customize IceWM? It is done by directly editing the configuration files to create your own preferences. Files are found in antiX CC -→ Desktop -→ Edit IceWM Settings. To change your IceWM preferences go to: Menu -→ Desktop -→ IceWM -→ IceWM Control Center.

How do I change my IceWM theme?

To switch to the newly installed theme, go to the IceWM menu, Settings, Themes, and then select your theme (in this case, Thinblack). You should now see your new theme in action.

What is icewm session?

How do I install IceWM on Ubuntu command line?

If you are installing IceWM from a command-line installation of Ubuntu, follow these instructions instead. Enter your password. The software repositories we want enabled are called the Universe repositories. If those repositories are unchecked, as in this screenshot example, you should check that set.

How to install IceWM on Ubuntu

Now we need to install IceWM. Go to System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager Click the Search button (or press Control-F). In the Find window, search for the term icewm In the search results, find the package called icewm and right-click it and select Mark for installation .

Which is the best theme to install on IceWM?

Most of the themes for IceWM are pretty ugly. The three best themes I’ve found are Thinblack, IceOSX, and IceBuntu. SilverXP is not bad, either, if you want to mimic a Windows look. To install a theme, find it first through a Google search.

What’s the difference between IceWM-session and icewms-session?

An explanation of the differences between icewm-session and IceWM can be found in the IceWM FAQ: “Beginning with IceWM 1.2.13 there is a binary icewm-session. This binary helps you to handle all IceWM subparts (icewmbg, icewm, icewmtray, startup, shutdown started in this order).