How do I teach my child the numbers 11 20?

For a good activity, give each child two ten frames and 20 objects of some kind. Have them create the number 11: one full ten frame, and a second ten frame with just one unit in it. Have them create the other numbers. You can also reverse the process, starting with full ten frames and taking objects away.

How do you teach numbers to preschoolers in a fun way?

How to Teach Numbers to Preschoolers

  1. Teach Counting with Number Rhymes.
  2. Incorporate Numbers into Daily Tasks.
  3. Play Number Games with a Group of Kids.
  4. Write Down Numbers and Make the Child Draw that Quantity.
  5. Point Out Numbers on Ad Boards and Vehicles.
  6. Teach the Order of Numbers with Connect the Dots.
  7. Count Fingers and Toes.

How do you teach preschoolers to recognize numbers?

Recognizing Numbers Activities for Preschoolers

  1. Turn a number into sensory art – perfect for the 100th day of school!
  2. Go on a hunt for numbers and match it with the same number!
  3. Follow a number from start to finish in a maze.
  4. Trace numbers, really big!
  5. Little Family Fun created a parking lot with numbers.
  6. Pop!

What is a fun way to teach numbers?

20 Fun Ways to Learn How to Count

  • Mouse Counts: Counting Game.
  • One Duck Stuck: Muck Sensory Play and Counting.
  • Sort It Out: Color Sorting Game.
  • Ten Black Dots: Counting and Grouping Circles.
  • Ten Red Apples: Counting Trees.
  • Bear Counts: Counting on Paws.
  • The Doorbell Rang: Counting Cookies Math Center.

What are pre number activities?

children to engage with before they begin to tackle work involving actual numbers. These activities have come to be known as “pre-number activities”, and are considered to be essential pre-requisites to basic number work.

How do you teach kids numbers games?

These counting games will prep your preschooler for the more sophisticated math she’ll get in school.

  1. Twenty20.
  2. Neighborhood numbers.
  3. Count me in.
  4. Cleaning by the numbers.
  5. Rhyme time.
  6. Number crunchers.
  7. Call me.
  8. Draw it out.

What activities is recommended for developing number sense?


  • Practice making groups of ten things.
  • Teach counting by 10’s to count groups.
  • Make groups of ten to get to the 100th day.
  • Show and examine a tens block and ones block.
  • Use base ten blocks to represent numbers.
  • Say “Show (or draw) me 14 with place value blocks!”

What instructional materials can be used in teaching numbers?

These aids are essential classroom kit for students entering into a high school math environment.

  • 2D and 3D shapes – tangrams, pattern blocks and attribute blocks.
  • Pretend money – notes and coins.
  • Dice, cards and counters and spinners.
  • Trundle wheel, and metre ruler.
  • Beakers, funnels, cylinders, scales and weights.

What do numbers 11-20 games do for kids?

With engaging animation and exciting challenges to hold any child’s attention, these numbers 11-20 games will build your student’s two-digit number recognition, number sense, counting skills, and more. Preschoolers to first graders will also strengthen their fine motor skills and beginner computer proficiency as they play!

How to teach number recognition to 11-20 year olds?

Counting and Number Recognition Activities for 11-20 Provide students with numbers lines that go up to 20 or with the first two rows of a hundred chart. Take a couple of minutes to practice counting to twenty each day. Have the children point with their fingers and look at each number as they say it.

What’s the best way to practice numbers 11-20?

Another way to practice numbers 11-20, is with these activity sheets. The first thing on this printable is counting practice. There is a space to place gems or another manipulative on. Have your child count while putting the gem onto the space. Then there is practice with writing the number. I laminated my sheets and used dry erase markers on them.

How to identify the numbers 11 to 20?

Hard hats on! Kids practice identifying numbers 11 to 20 in this demolition game.  Click the checkbox for the options to print and add to Assignments and Collections.