How do I transfer 7 days to die to another computer?

If you are using windows, saved games should be in /{your user folder}/AppData/Roaming/7 days to die. Placing game save into your friend’s folder of same name should be enough for him to host it, works even for dedicated server.

How do I put maps on my 7 days to die server?

Alpha 19 Easy Start Method

  1. Upload your world folder to \Data\Worlds.
  2. Set the “World Name” field in the configuration file editor to match the folder name of your World exactly.
  3. You can set “Game Name” to anything you want.
  4. Set the seed and size options to match the world you uploaded.
  5. Save config and start server.

How do I transfer a dedicated server to 7 days to die?

You can just run the dedicated server and type the correct save file name & type into the config and it should load. You can also edit the config to point at any save directory you should choose.

Does 7 Days to Die have cloud save?

7D doesn’t utilize Steam’s cloud saving, and I can’t see cloud saves ever being a thing for singleplayer, since a save would include the world data which can get fairly large (or at least, significantly larger than the typical save file for most games).

Where is the AppData file?

AppData is a hidden folder located in C:\Users\\AppData. The AppData folder contains custom settings and other information needed by applications.

Does 7 Days to Die save to cloud?

Can you save in 7 Days to Die?

In 7 Days to Die, the game will save automatically in single-player when the player exits the game via the ESC menu. When you exit the game the data is automatically saved.

Does 7 days to die save to cloud?

Can you transfer characters 7 days to die?

You can move a character + inventory over to a new map.

Do 7 days to die servers save?

Can you save a multiplayer game 7 days to die?

To save the game, open up the console with the F1 key. Then, type in the command saveworld and press ENTER. The game will now save all of your progress.