How do I turn the volume up on VZ Navigator?

VZ Navigator® – Android™ Tablet – Configure Audio Preferences

  1. While in VZ Navigator, tap the Menu icon.
  2. Tap Preferences.
  3. Tap Audio.
  4. Tap Navigation Voice then select a voice preference:
  5. Tap Navigation Volume and slide the blue dot left or right then tap Done.
  6. Tap Navigation Prompt then select an option:

What is VZ Navigator app on Android phone?

The VZ Navigator is a GPS app that is available for the Droid Incredible through the Google Play store. If you originally installed the app from the Google Play Store, you can remove the app from your phone. However, the VZ Navigator is installed by Verizon with certain operating system updates, like updates to Froyo.

Why is VZ Navigator being discontinued?

Why has my VZ Navigator service stopped working? To help ensure that you’re not paying for service not being used, VZ Navigator subscribers who have not opened and used the VZ Navigator app for 6 months or more had the service removed on 3…

Can I uninstall VZ Navigator?

VZ Navigator® – Uninstall App Effective 12/6/21, VZ Navigator is being discontinued. If the app is preloaded on the device it can’t be uninstalled.

How do I get a VZ Navigator?

VZ Navigator® – Android™ – Download and Install App

  1. From the Play Store home screen, tap Apps.
  2. From the Home tab, tap VERIZON (located in the upper-right).
  3. In the search field, enter vz navigator.
  4. Tap VZ Navigator.
  5. Tap INSTALL.
  6. Review the access permissions info then tap ACCEPT to continue.

Is VZ Navigator any good?

Best Features of VZ Navigator VZ Navigator offers impressive voice powered turn-by-turn directions. It offers accurate guidance so you can enjoy safer navigation. VZ Navigator offers a useful freeway guidance system. It can detect exits and difficult junctions and gives you a graphical view of the highway.

Is there a charge to use VZ Navigator?

And it’s free to anyone with an Android device.

Is VZ Navigator free to use?

Is VZ Navigator free?

How good is VZ Navigator?

VZ Navigator is one of the most feature-rich navigation apps for iOS devices. It offers voice powered directions, real time traffic updates, 3D city maps, and more. It’s a tremendous option if you are looking for a GPS route tracker app.

How do you use VZ Navigator?

From a web browser, navigate to If necessary, click Log into Verizon Navigator now then sign in to My Verizon. From the ‘MAPS’ tab, enter the desired address then click SEARCH.

Is there an iPhone app for VZ Navigator?

This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone. Effective March 31, 2021, new subscriptions to VZ Navigator will no longer be accepted. Please visit to learn more. I’ve been using this app for at least the last 7 years.

When did Verizon stop selling the VZ Navigator app?

As of March 31, 2021, new subscriptions to VZ Navigator will no longer be accepted. Why did Verizon stop selling VZ Navigator? As free navigation app services like Google Maps and Apple Maps have increased in popularity, Verizon has opted to stop selling VZ Navigator.

How do I exit VZ Navigator on my Android phone?

How do I exit VZ Navigator on my Android phone? To exit the app, tap the Back button on your Android phone. Note: If you have VZ Navigator version 9 or older, tap the Menu icon and then tap Exit. How do I sync my VZ Navigator “Favorites” to my new smartphone?

How many traffic probes does the VZ Navigator use?

VZ Navigator uses over 1 billion traffic probes to get the latest, most up-to-date traffic incidents across the US. It also integrates real-time traffic incident data to warn you in advance about traffic congestion, accidents and other traffic-related incidents. Will my Bluetooth® device work with VZ Navigator?