How do you add numbers to a table of contents?

Word 2010 – How to Number Headings and table of contentsStep 1: Customise Heading Style. Open Word 2010. Right click on desired heading and select ‘Modify’ Select the ‘Format’ button then ‘Numbering’ Step 2: Insert Table of Contents. Open the ‘References’ tab. Select ‘Table of Contents’ and then select the desired table of contents to use.

How do you add a section in a table of contents?

at the “Styles” Section from the “Home” Tab. (4) At the “Reference” Tab, go to the “Table of Contents” Section, click on the “Table of Contents” drop down arrow, and choose “Insert Table of Contents” option at the bottom.

Does cover page go before table of contents?

Usually, the Contents page will come after the Acknowledgements and Abstract, and before the List of figures (if you have one) and the Introduction. The next page details how you should list any tables or illustrations.

Is there a table of contents in APA format?

APA does not require a Table of Contents, but your instructor may specifically ask for you to include one in your assignment. A table of contents is like a roadmap of your paper. It should contain all the headings in the body, worded exactly as they appear within. Be sure to include appendices.