How do you break the greenhouse in Lego Marvel superheroes?

Use laser or fire-blasting character to melt the nearby ice and reveal a grate. Use Mr. Fantastic to slip through and reach the brick inside the greenhouse.

How do you get the gold brick in the greenhouse in Lego Marvel?

Gold Brick #1: Look for the bushes on the beach to the east of the greenhouse where the gold brick is hidden and smash the one in the middle, then use Sandman to teleport through the sand and grab the brick.

How do you beat time square off in Lego Marvel superheroes?

To reach this level, you must skydive off of the Shield Helicarrier and land in the park below. Once on the ground, head to the gate and smash the streetlight. Build its pieces into a grate that Mr. Fantastic can squeeze through.

Where are the Minikits in Times Square Off?

Minikit 4. First is standing under the satellite dish. Second is located further, on the right side from the water silo, on the lower floor of the roof. Third can be found vis-a-vis to the HOTEL neon, in the greenhouse.

What happens when you get 250 gold bricks in LEGO Marvel?

During whole gameplay you can collect 250 Gold Bricks, which are required to unlock some of the Deadpool Bonus Missions (see Deadpool Bonus Mission chapter for more information). Remember that you need to collect all of the Gold Bricks to complete the game in 100%.

How do you get free gold bricks in Lego Marvel superheroes?

Race through all checkpoints in the designated time to receive a gold brick. The easiest way to do that is to use a flying character (like Iron Man). Charge battery with Thor, so you can enter the building. Then use Magneto magnetic powers to take off a blockade from the machine.

How do you get Doctor Octopus ultimate in Lego Marvel superheroes?

There are three special newspapers that need to be displayed on the walls of the Daily Bugle. Find the first one in a gold bin on the back-right side of the room. Another is to the left of J.J.’s office, and the final one is inside the office. Build them all to unlock the Character Token for Doctor Octopus (Ultimate).

Where is Stan Lee in Times Square Off Lego Marvel?

Times Square Off:On a roof, there is a water tower. You will need telekinesis to break it open. Exploratory Laboratory: Near the boss area, you will need Magneto’s powers to brake a cover and then you will need to flip a claw switch which opens 4 windows. Stan lee will be in one of those.

Where is Stan Lee in Lego Marvel Times Square Off?