How do you cancel English Heritage membership?

Whatever the reason for wanting to cancel, you can call us on 0370 333 1182. If we can’t change your mind, we will put your cancellation in place for your next annual renewal.

How can I find out when my English Heritage membership expires?

Your membership expiry date can be found on the back of your membership card. If you wish to change your payment method please call us on 0370 333 1182.

What’s the difference between National Trust and English Heritage?

Another key difference is that English Heritage looks after places only in England, whereas the National Trust also encompasses Wales and Northern Ireland. Scotland has its own independent National Trust for Scotland.

Where is English Heritage based?

English Heritage

English Heritage’s logo
Predecessor The Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England, also known as English Heritage
Registration no. 1140351
Headquarters The Engine House, Swindon
Region England

Can National Trust members visit English Heritage sites for free?

EH offers its members free or reduced entry to more than 100 other associated attractions in England, Scotland, Wales and the Isle of Man.

Can I join English Heritage for a month?

Joint Membership *Monthly for 12 months by Direct Debit, not available for gift memberships.

Do you have to book at English Heritage sites?

ADVANCE BOOKING You don’t need to book your visit in advance, but you will always get the best price and guaranteed entry by booking online ahead of your visit. The admission price will be higher if you choose to pay on the day you visit.

Can I use English Heritage at National Trust?

The National Trust looks after more places than the English Heritage (500 vs 400) across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. You can also get free entry to two of the most popular English Heritage sites (Stonehenge and the museum at Hadrian’s Wall).

Is Corfe Castle free to National Trust members?

Corfe Castle is now owned by the National Trust. Entrance is free to National Trust Members but admission charges apply to everyone else – for entrance ticket prices see below. The ticket office and entrance is just off the corner of the village square.

How much does the CEO of English Heritage earn?

Yesterday it emerged that Simon Thurley, chief executive of English Heritage, earns £163,000 a year – including a £27,000 ‘performance-related bonus’. His gold-plated pension is worth more than £650,000. He is paid more than David Cameron, who earns £142,500 a year.

Do I still have to book English Heritage?

Do I need to pre-book my visit? You don’t need to book your ticket in advance, but you’ll always get the best price and guaranteed entry by booking online ahead of your visit.

Can I use my Scottish National Trust membership in England 2020?

With a National Trust for Scotland membership you have unlimited access to all the places in our care. You can also use your membership to explore places in the care of the National Trust in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as other National Trust organisations around the world.

How to get in touch with English Heritage?

To help us quickly find what you’re looking for, please type a question into the bottom of the box below. This is an automated section, so please don’t share any personal information such as your name or bank details. Unable to connect to web chat gateway.

Who is the head of customer services at English Heritage?

If you feel that your issue has not been resolved, our Head of Customer Services can review your case. You can write to the Head of Customer Services at the address above. English Heritage is committed to working to a high standard of integrity and encourages a culture of openness and honesty.

How long does it take for English Heritage to respond to email?

If you have a membership with English Heritage your email will be dealt with as a priority by our dedicated membership team. Customers should expect to receive a response in 3 working days. Please choose the topic you want to contact us about from the drop down box below.

Where can I go with an overseas visitors pass?

Go to any staffed English Heritage site and bring along your booking confirmation, proof of overseas residency and the credit card you used to make the payment. You can visit over 100 places with the pass including Stonehenge, Tintagel Castle and Charles Darwin’s home.