How do you change the viewfinder on a Canon 60D?

Pressing the button switches the LCD monitor display mode. Also, closing the LCD monitor causes the viewfinder to display. The LCD display modes change with each press of the button.

Why is my Canon viewfinder blurry?

The diopter is a small lens in your camera’s viewfinder. If your eyesight is good and you are using a camera that’s had the diopter adjusted, you will see a blurry image in the viewfinder. You will need to adjust the diopter to correct this so you can see a sharp image.

How do I switch to viewfinder?

Select FINDER/MONITOR. Select Viewfinder. NOTE: Setting the FINDER/MONITOR setting to Viewfinder switches the display between the Electronic Viewfinder and the LCD screen by pushing up or down the pop-up finder.

Why can’t I see through my viewfinder Canon?

You can’t see through the viewfinder. Since the viewfinder image is created by light reflecting upwards off of the mirror, you cannot leave the mirror locked up at all times unless you only plan on using live view. Also, you really don’t need to lock the mirror up to get a sharp photo.

Do you need long sight for Canon 60D?

When using my Canon 60D I need both types of sight – short sight for reading the LCD screen, LCD panel and for some controls on the camera but long sight for looking through the viewfinder.

Is the viewfinder on a DSLR easy to see?

I am not aware of which modern cameras do that. The highest priced DSLRs have a solid glass prism, mirror and screens for 24x36mm sensor which means the viewfinder is also very large and easier to sight. Some of the best EVFs are said to have clearer and better sighting as well.

How to use the viewfinder for spectacle wearers?

Get a pair of glasses made with plain glass in your viewfinder eye, with a prescription lens in the other. Use the plain glass lens when looking through the viewfinder. Close your viewfinder eye to read the screen. This is either stupid, brilliant or possibly both. I’m not sure, I’ve been drinking beer