How do you combine hg?

To merge two branches, you pull their heads into the same repository, update to one of them and merge the other, and then commit the result once you’re happy with the merge.

What is hg repository?

Strictly speaking, the term repository refers to the directory named . hg (dot hg) in the repository root directory. An easy way to remember the distinction is that the repository contains the history of your project, while the working directory contains a snapshot of your project at a particular point in history.

How do you use HG?

Here’s how:

  1. cd into the project directory.
  2. run the command hg init This creates the . hg directory and the initial setup files used by hg.
  3. run the command hg add This adds all files that aren’t currently in the hg project file list to it’s file list.
  4. run the command hg commit This commits all changes to the project.

What happens when I merge two reports on HG companion?

When merging reports done on the HG Companion, it is possible for users, when editing photos, to encounter a situation where clicking the button Revert to Photo Locker seemingly changes the photo to one on the secondary report. This is due to the way the HG Companion handles file names.

How to commit the results of a merge?

Committing the results of the merge ¶ Once we’ve started a merge, hg parents will display two parents until we hg commit the results of the merge. $ hg commit -m ‘Merged changes’ We now have a new tip revision; notice that it has both of our former heads as its parents. These are the same revisions that were previously displayed by hg parents.

How to merge two reports into one report?

Click File then select Merge Report into this Report. A list of remaining reports on your computer will appear. Select the report you would like to merge with the “primary” and click Merge. Select the sections you would like to bring in and click OK.

How to start a merge between two heads?

To start a merge between the two heads, we use the hg merge command. $ hg merge merging hello.c 0 files updated, 1 files merged, 0 files removed, 0 files unresolved (branch merge, don’t forget to commit)